Guide to Blackpink House


No. of episodes: 12
Period: 6 Jan to 17 Aug 2018

The girls from Blackpink will be staying in the pink house for the next 100 days. Blackpink is a Kpop girl group that made their debut in 2016 August with the hit, Whistle 휘파람 (watch here) and Boombayah 붐바야 (watch here).

Members include Kim Jisoo 지수, Jennie Kim 제니, Rose 로제 (real name: Park Chae Young) and Lisa 리사 (full name Lalisa Manoban).

Episode 1: Moving into the pink house

Guide To Blackpink House

You will have a glimpse of their current dorm and bedroom condition through the first episode. After settling in, they decided to make macaroons for BLINKS (fandom name) to show love.

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Episode 2: Is the fan meet successful?

Guide To Blackpink HouseGuide To Blackpink House

Episode 3 – 5 : Blackpink in your area, Thailand

The girls fly to Thailand for schedule and also enjoy in the homeland of Lisa.

In episode 4, they had a feast prepared by Lisa’s parents at home in Bangkok. First time I see her parents onscreen and I can tell that she took most of the good genes from her father, like her height for an example.

They ended their Thailand trip in Phuket.

Guide To Blackpink House

Episode 6: A trip to the theme park

Guide To Blackpink House

Look how precious they are in the theme park with food. Seeing them enjoying the entire experience just makes me look forward visit a theme park soon!

Episode 7: Team Jennie & Jisoo vs. Team Lisa and Rose

They’ve decided to split up into twos for the activities that they want to do the most.

Rose and Lisa decided to do sports instead, so they went to train their archery skills and also the trampoline place. Whereas Jennie and Jisoo choose the option of a comfortable date and went to DIY bracelet followed by hitting the roller skating rinks.

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Episode 8: OTOT

I guess the part I love the most is Jisoo’s activity where she brings her dog out to the training center and really spend time with the little one.

Jisoo’s dog name, Dalgomie, is a Maltese.


Episode 9: Jjimjibang and Ski Trip

Jjimjibang is a traditional Korean Bath and Sauna House.


Guide To Blackpink HouseGuide To Blackpink House

Episode 10 & 11: Blackpink in Jeju Island

Guide To Blackpink HouseGuide To Blackpink House

Looking at the same maze that GOT7 members; JB, Jinyoung, Bambam went to in Hard Carry. They walk in twos whereas the boys just ran around on their own in the huge maze.

Episode 12: Preparation for their comeback

Actually Blackpink house was released before their Square Up album comeback after a year. In the final episode, you can see bits and pieces of them preparing for the comeback.

Final episode is in Aug 2018 and they made their comeback with Ddu-du Ddu-du in May 2018.

The Blackpink House turn into a popup for the Square Up comeback and fans from around the world went over to enjoy the exhibits and the house that their idol once lived in for a 100 days.

Guide To Blackpink House

My aim will be to find the Blackpink house door when I’m there the next time. Hopefully it is still there and I can navigate myself well in the Hongdae area.

Catch all the episodes on either V Live, or YouTube.

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