Guide to GOT7: Real Thai (2019)


No. of episodes: 5
Genre: Variety, Comedy

Original Network: xtvn
Available on Viu.
For the other unreleased, behind the scenes videos, check out xtvn’s YouTube Playlist.

Main Cast

GOT4 that consist of Mark, Jinyoung, Youngjae and Bambam together with comedian Hwang Se Sung.

Episode Guides

Episode 1

What happened prior to the trip. GOT4 sat down together with their manager to talk about what are they expecting for the upcoming Bangkok trip. Decided to make their own shirts and bags with each members’ design.

They mentioned that they felt cheated as the production team told them they will be able to enjoy Thai Massage every 2 days, but they did not receive any. 

From Seoul to Bangkok, the members are being cheeky and cute amongst themselves. Once they landed in Bangkok, they are warmly greeted by Thai Ahgases. (I love how Thai fans behave, giving them space yet still roaring with support.)

After they reunited with Se Sung under the huge tree, they head over to the dinner place, which I feel that it was the most authentic side of Thailand for food.

Chef Coco does leave a strong impression!


Episode 2

Starting the episode with Competitive Mark challenging the rest to race up the long flight of stairs. He ended up winning since the other 3 members are in the slow ride up.

The unreleased version of them at the train station.

Episode 3

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When the sunshine was selected to be the leader. 

The unreleased version of our GOT4’s Leader, Youngjae, and his first solo adventure. Nobody Knows ~~ 

GOT7 is my second family, but they ditched me. Those bad dudes ditched me. – Youngjae

Episode 4

Bambam self-volunteer himself to conduct the solo mission since he is the only person that is fluent in Thai. But here’s what they did when Bam tries to contact them before he boards the plane.

Guide To Got7 Real Thai 2019

Guide To Got7 Real Thai 2019

Guide To Got7 Real Thai 2019

How can you not love all of them!

Meanwhile, the three hyungs are having so much fun. There is one particular scene which my favourite and also the reason why you will fall for GOT7.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting

GOT3 and Bambam finally reunited back in their resort for yet another game time!

Unreleased (Behind the scenes of episode 4)

Episode 5

Their last mission to get the card for Love.  This is also one of the most touching episodes in the series. I guess it was the best way to end their trip to Thailand.

Surprised camera for a Thai Ahgase (iGOT7) who she thought she was entering another program. Her struggles between dream and reality happen to everyone at a certain point in your life. Seeing her trying her best to work towards it and about to make a major decision between 2 different routes. (Just reminds me of the song, Tomorrow, Today by JJ Project)

Show encouragement and keep her going, GOT4 surprised her. Ended with a performance just for her.

Rating: 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

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