Guide to GOT7’s Hard Carry 2.5

No. of episodes: 3
Original network: Mnet (YouTube)

From 13 November to 27 November 2019. I have to wait for the English subs to be release and therefore the delay.

When the teaser first came out, I was super excited. This is definitely a way shorter series compared to the first and second one which I did expect it from “2.5”.

For those who are new to GOT7 and Hary Carry, if you want to catch up on the first 2 seasons you can have a quick read here.


Episode 1 and 2: Saving baby bird (ahgase) from the rat

The 7 members are split into 3 teams and a rat based on their Chinese Zodiac. Being the only rat, Youngjae is the mastermind of the game.

Team Chicken (93’s): JB and Mark
Team Dog (94’s): Jackson and Jinyoung
Team Ox (97’s): Bambam and Yugyeom

Youngjae is really excited and happy to be able to “play” his members. His laughter is really very very contagious.

When the three teams set off to track down Youngjae, JB received message from him to slide down a slide to receive a hint. He immediately did it, and it is really cute.

Fan art on the left from our talented @abimabima

Episode 2: Penalty

Major spoiler, but Team Dog won the infinity race and save ahgase from the rat. As a reward, they got a day off to enjoy activities while Team Chicken and Ox sent to rural area to do farming.

Jackson Wang GIF

Jackson, Jinyoung and Youngjae head to do indoor surfing as their first activity. Well, they are obviously not pros and it is a different environment to surf as compared to what they did in Yangyang, Hary Carry 2.

But they are still enjoying it together.

Episode 3: Reminiscing

After “sea” the three winners head over to “fly”, all outdoor activities that carried out indoors. The moment when they try to challenge 3 flying while holding hands is really adorable!

Sky Diving GIF

The farmer boys are enjoying their country time and when the supermarket team is off, the JUS2 boys decide to prank Bambam by shaking the Coke can really hard.

End up, it did not explode and the science behind it wasn’t explained.

Farming GIF

End of the full day, the boys gathered together for a fancy dinner and start to talk about their adventure, reminiscing the past seasons of Hard Carry and also brainstorming ideas for Hard Carry 3.

The bold move from Jackson that if the flipping of bottle stands, they will be getting a Daesang. The rest of the members are pretty shook by his statement and the bottle stands! And yes boy, you got your first Daesang! WISH DO COME TRUE!


Some time to appreciate the visuals per member in the teaser

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