Guide to Great Escape 2019

密室大逃脱 Great Escape 2019

No. of episodes: 13
Genre: Variety, Mystery, Thriller, Horror (not for faint heart)

Native title 密室大逃脱

Started watching Great Escape while I chance upon the second second and find it interesting and backtrack to the first. Great Escape is a variety show that throw their cast into escape rooms and they have to crack the codes and make their way out themselves.

Trapped in the escape room without time limit and while watching, they can be in for at least 8 hours. Fixed cast including Yang Mi, Allen Deng Lun, Wei Da Xun, Justin Huang Ming Hao, Evonne Xie and Zhang Guo Wei.

#1 Secret of a BBQ restaurant 燒烤店的秘密

While investigating and unlocking to the next room, the members discover that the boss is using dogs and cats meat to sub for beef and lamb that was written in the menu of the BBQ restaurant.

#2 Robot Wrestler Underground Den 驚叫拳擊館

To create entertainment for humans, Boss Tao created an underground den and invented robot wrestlers to fight on the ring. Things get out of hand when the robots starts to develop conscious and feelings.

#3 Almost exploding abandon school 逃离废弃学校

Any run down schools just creeps you out. Even though it is not a horror case, but it is definitely some moments that it is scary. The first time that the team is split into two (unevenly) to commence the game.

Both Deng Lun and Justin is trapped in a biological lab while the rest are in the classroom right next to it.

#4 Secret dungeon of T Aliens 神秘山洞

Guide To Great Escape 2019

Deng Lun soon became the brain of the group, but also the timid one. Zhang Guo Wei flew to Italy for his training (he is the national team for Olympics) and so the muscle of the group is absent.

Deng Lun definitely shine in his episode as he is the brain along with Justin and he also need to support the entire team with his muscles.

#5 Haunted Mansion 恐怖公馆

This is the scariest episode from the entire series.

Leap year boy was pressured to study, study and study. Pressure to keep up the family records of producing elites, he was kept in a tight schedule and one day he couldn’t take it anymore. The haunted mansion unlocks the crazy study schedule he had that robbed his childhood.

While solving the case, the members disappear one by one.

#6 Secret laboratory 絕密病毒所

Kept in the locked down building that was converted into an secret laboratory. With the insane amount of security, how do they find the door to exit the building?

For those who love escape rooms, mystery and horror will definitely enjoy this variety by Mango TV.

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