Guide to House Everything? 家简尘除


No. of episodes: 8
Genre: Renovation, Makeover, Variety

Native title: 家简尘除
Original network: Channel 8, available on Toggle.

Chance upon this title over the weekend on Toggle TV and was attracted by the witty title. (sound similar to mandarin saying add, subtract, multiple and divide.)

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The makeover renovation show host by Chen Han Wei, the A-class actor in Singapore. I trust that the show hosted by him will be nice, and I personally love makeover renovation variety shows.

6 different stories

6 episodes, 6 house, 6 different stories.

Up till yesterday, there are only 6 episodes and will only write based on the episodes I’ve watched.

I particularly like the episode that was also an unexpected reunion. The man just lost his wife and living with his daughter with a really cluttered house. Turns out, some of his habits and safekeeping does benefit others and found long lost friend.

Episode 2 – Primary school friend reunion

Screen grab from Toggle

The father kept a letter that Chen Han Wei wrote to him. Initially, he though that he was one of his fans, but turns out, the father is his classmate from Malaysia Primary School. I hope that they will continue keeping contact.

Really touching to see that he kept the letter after so many years, really sentimental soul. Being an IT person, he kept lots and lots of cables and other IT related products which turns out to be a treasure that the backstage crew wants.

More than just a reno show

I love the concept of introducing an organisation professional that helps to educate the homeowner (and audience) how to organised stuff to solve the cluttering problem they do have.

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