Guide to Its Dangerous Beyond the Blankets (2018)


No. of episodes: 10
Genre: Variety, Vacation, Friendship

Original network: MBC
Native title: 이불 밖은 위험해

The second season or you can also called it the official start of the IDBTB as the first “season” was a pilot project with 4 episodes only.

Idea of the variety show

Homebodies made out of members from the public be it idol, actor or national team representative. The trip to different places will bring the homebodies together and have fun, or simply just sit under a blanket.

First trip (Ep 1)

Cast: Actor Kim Min Seok, Actor Lee Pil Mok, Actor Tak Jae Hoon, Actor Lee Yi Kyung, Rapper Loco and Idol Kang Daniel (Wanna One)

Usually they arrive at different timing on the first day, some arrive only at night while the rest are asleep. Kim Min Seok was the first to arrive in the house and Daniel is the final member while the rest are out.

Guide To Its Dangerous Beyond The Blankets 2018

Felt so relieve when Daniel joins the rest, I guess being a magnae and extrovert does help to break the ice.

Second Trip (Ep 2 – 3)

Cast: Musician Jang Gi Ha, Actor Lee Yi Kyung, Rapper Loco, Actor Kim Min Seok, Idol Jung Se Woon (PD101s2), Koo Jun-ho (iKON) and Idol Kang Daniel.

This trip, there are two buildings the main building and the annex. The first night, the celebrities are sent to different building and totally not aware of the other building’s existence.

Guide To Its Dangerous Beyond The Blankets 2018

Third Trip: Jeju Island, Biyang Island (Ep 4 – 5)

Cast: Musician Jang Gi Ha, Actor Lee Yi Kyung, Rapper Loco, Idol Kang Daniel

Most of them met each other and so, this trip is less awkward right from the beginning. The guys enjoy their huge house together and also had me-time as well. Daniel is last to arrive the place looking hungry and exhausted, so Loco offer to make food for him and did burger from scratch.

Guide To Its Dangerous Beyond The Blankets 2018

Fourth Trip: Namhee (Ep 6 – 7)

The Kim Min Seok’s 김민석 special!

Cast: Rapper Loco (Ep 6), Idol Song Min Ho (Winner), Actor Kim Min Seok, Idol Xiumin (EXO), Speed Skating Kim Min Seok.

Guide To Its Dangerous Beyond The Blankets 2018

The reason why I listed the names with the job nature in the beginning is because we are having 3 Kim Min Seok in the 4th trip. Xiumin’s birth name is Kim Min Seok.

Fifth Trip: Da Nang, Vietnam (Ep 8 – 9)

Cast: Actor Lee Yi Kyung, Idol Kang Daniel, Idol Yong Jun Hyung (Highlight), Idol Mark Lee (NCT).

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The fifth trip, they went to Vietnam. Mark and Jun Hyung is the new addition to the series but Jun Hyung did participated in the pilot project before. Both arrived a day earlier and stayed in the resort without knowing the presence of each other. They only met the very next day while catching the sunrise at the beach.

Yi Kyung and Daniel is no longer strangers and went together. Four of them just stayed in the resort the entire day and it is just cute that the editor kept editing the fact that they are in Vietnam and should explore outside.

Last trip: Loco’s Special (Ep 10)

More like a last gathering to conclude the variety show. Loco host the episode due to the fact that he participated in the most amount of trips. (Yi Kyung is just 1 episode behind him.)

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Cast: Loco, Lee Yi Kyung, Kang Daniel, Yong Jun Hyung (Highlight), Mark Lee (NCT) and Loco’s two other friends

Guide To Its Dangerous Beyond The Blankets 2018

The bromance formed through the program are precious and really hope they are friends off camera too.