Guide to Kang’s Kitchen 3


No. of episodes: 4
Original network: tvN
Native title: 강식당 3

I have to admit, I did jump the gun to the third season straight just to test out if this variety series is nice or not. Turns out, I totally understand why my relatives love this series.

Fixed cast:

  • Kang Ho Dong
  • Lee Soo Geun
  • Eun Ji Won (Sechs Kies member, 1st Gen idol)
  • Song Min Ho (MIHO) – (Winner member)
  • Ahn Jae Hyun
  • P.O (Pyo Ji Hoon) – (Block B member)
  • Cho Kyu Hyun (Super Junior member)

If you are familiar with the very first season of 2 Days 1 Night (2007), you will know the chemistry built by the PD Na Young Seok with the 3 casts, Ho Dong, Soo Geum, and Ji Won. Really nice to see their friendship going this strong over the years.

Pizza Restaurant

For the third season, they are a pizza restaurant. Each of the members is assigned a post/position in the restaurant operation.

  • Soo Geun – Head of Dishwashing
  • Ho Dong – Pasta Chef
  • Kyu Hyun – Pizza Chef
  • Jae Hyun – Jajjang Omelet rice Chef
  • P.O – Kimchi rice Chef
  • Ji Won and Miho – Dessert and Waiters

The new cast for Season 3

Kyu Hyun is the newest member to the Kang’s Kitchen for the third season. He is also the master chef for the pizza.

Guide To Kang 039 S Kitchen 3

He makes the pizza from scratch and uses the traditional oven to bake the pizza. To master that, he is always seen “fighting” with something in the corner and P.O really loves it.

The special menu

Honestly, all the dishes look really good especially the Ho Dong’s pasta and Kimchi fried rice. There are even YouTuber who made videos on how to recreate the dishes at home, from P.O’s Kimchi Fried Rice to Ho Dong’s pasta.

Tedious work, huge satisfaction

After a busy day, they are back home and start to prepare ingredients for the next day. I really love how they stayed together during the filming period and helping each other out even though they are tired.

When an accident happens

Soo Geun is the most reliable person in the entire kitchen when someone missed out something or requires additional help, they will call Soo Geun first.

On the very last day, the pizza oven is on fire and Soo Geun immediately stepped in calmly and excuse Kyuhyun. He put out the fire calmly and deal with the aftermath messy.

Guess I will catch up on the first two series after this!

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