Guide to Village Survival, The Eight

Village Survival, the Eight (2018)

A mystery thriller variety show set in the countryside of South Korea. The main cast stays together under one roof for 24 hours while they are out and about trying to solve a mystery that lies within the village.

No. of episode: 6
Genre: Mystery, Variety, Comedy

Native title: 미추리 8-1000
Original network: SBS

The Main Cast

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Yoo Jae Suk, Blackpink’s Jennie, Song Kang, Im Soo Hyang (actress, famous for My ID is Gangnam), Son Dambi (singer and actor), Yang Se Hyung (Comedian), Kang Ki Young (actor), Kim Sang Ho (actor), and Jang Do Yeon.


As the original title suggests, 미추리 8-1000 (Michuri 8-1000), together with the main host and the 8 participating cast, will be staying in the locked down village named Michuri for 2 days 1 night to hunt for the missing $1,000.

To find the hidden $1,000 the members have pre-selected their respective hint before the show starts.

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Jennie and Ki Young, killing a fish for the lunch. 

Morning on the next day, they start with a morning breakfast mission. Only the first three that cleared the mission will enjoy a feast. Only through such variety show, you are able to see the bare faces of the celebrities and their character.

Guide To Village Survival The Eight

The second episode is really hilarious and I recommend to watch when you’re alone so you will not need to hold back from laughing in the public which I did.

Image result for michuri 8-1000

From the second 2D1N trip, you are able to tell that the members are more or less comfortable with each other and also wiser when it comes to picking their pre-recording clue.

When the members are hanging out like a big family, the moment of joking and playing around increase which brings more joy while watching it.

Screenshot 2018-12-11 at 9.15.41 PM

Instead of the finders keepers, the winner decided to bring over the $1000 to Round Three. Since I did not explain under episode 1-2, I will do it here.

The person who finds the $1000 have 2 options to choose from:

  1. Keep the $1000
  2. Bring the $1000 to the next round and he/she will be the one hiding $2000 instead. (rollover the prize money)


Quite fun to watch, however, I wish that the show can last longer since they are starting to warm up with each other.


The comedian duo, Yang Se Hyung and Jang Do Yeon, are the ones that always make me laugh out. But you can definitely tell that they are a long-time friends. Also, when Kim Sang Ho outburst with all the vulgarities.

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