Guide to Youth With You 3 by iQiyi

Youth With You 3 is a variety show, an idol survival program from China by iQiyi with the ultimate aim to debut a nine members boy group at the end of the program. The third season of the idol program which previously debuted UNINE in 2018 and THE9 in 2020. The program first started off as Idol Producer which debuted NINE PERCENT.

The third/fourth season gathered 119 trainees and only 9 of them will make it to debut at the end of the entire show on 8 May 2021.

Native title: 青春有你3
Original network: iQiyi
No. of episodes: 24

Mentor line-up, we have Blackpink’s Lisa as the Dance mentor, Li Rong Hao as the Vocal mentor, Wil Pan Wei Bo as the Rap mentor. Chris Lee is the PD (producer) for the third season. And their senior Esther Yu from THE9 as the Youth Tutor.

Youth With You 3
Youth With You 3

The Beginning

New surprises every season. The first round of meeting is not with the mentors but the trainees have to face the harsh reality of the media. 20-30 representatives from the media is their first challenge.

Mentors’ performance

The ritual is back to hype up the hall with the performance by each of the mentors and their youth tutor. Apart from Blackpink’s Lisa who recorded the performance, the rest of them performed live in Episode 1.

First appraisal

This season, there are only 3 classes, A, B, and C. With Grade C being ‘just pass’, they have open another grade N which defines as Newbies. The performance by different trainees are showcase from later half of episode 1 to half of episode 3 which will be happening soon.

Here are the trainees that have caught my eyes right from the beginning.

Good news to international fans like us. We are able to vote for our bias through the site directly. You are able to vote for a maximum of 9 trainees per day for the normal account. For iQiyi’s VIP members, you are able to vote 5 times per day.

New episodes will be out every Thursday and Saturday. International fans are able to catch it through iQiyi’s website.

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