Ha O and Jamjam got closer than ever in ‘The Return of Superman’

Ha O and Jamjam second playdate on The Return of Superman.

Still remember the puppy love, dramatic first meeting between Ha O and Jamjam? In episode 330, Moon Hee Joon brought Jamjam over to Kang Gary’s house for a play date.

Here are moments that I love from their second play date. But for those who don’t want to be spoiled, check out the full episode here.

Happiness in playhouse

Jamjam was so happy after seeing Ha O even though they were separated for mere minutes.

Happy GIF

Am I pretty?

Once again, Jamjam wants to hear Ha O say she is pretty.

Crush GIF

Lending jacket

Jamjam stained her jacket after sharing the Popsicle with Ha O, and he decide to lend her his jacket.

Playground GIF

Sudden kiss

Jamjam suddenly want to kiss him to thank Ha O. The more surprising act is Ha O pulled down his mask and want her to kiss him again.

Kiss GIF

Request for goodbye kiss

This time they did not have a sorrowful dramatic goodbye, but a cool one. Before Jamjam exit the house, Ha O request for a goodbye kiss.

Kiss GIF

Bonus: Fathers in sync

Moon Hee Joon and Kang Gary are the first generation kpop idols and seeing them having fun as much as their kids is fun!

Dance GIF
Swing GIF

Hands up for those who want to see a 3rd play date soon!

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