Watch Ha O and Jamjam’s love story on ‘The Return of Superman’ episode 325

Ha O and Jam Jam on Return of the Superman 2020.

My favorite toddlers meet each other the very first time and it is adorable and dramatic. Who knew that the two 4-year old (Korean age) chemistry hit off so well and make me feel like I’m watching a movie/drama.

On episode 325 of the Return of Superman, Gary brought Ha O to meet Jamjam at her place with Moon Hee Jun. Both fathers are from the 1st generation of Kpop and now they reunited on screen for their children.

First Time GIF

First glace, Ha O the extroverted boy shows his shy image when he saw Jam Jam. He hide behind Gary and asked him to introduce on behalf instead.

The tough girl

Ha O was shy and say that Jamjam is scary initially but can’t help to fall for her charm eventually. Jamjam initiated and made the first move to get closer with Ha O.

House GIF

The tissue incident is another adorable one. Jamjam want to clean Ha O’s mouth but she used the wrong method and pushed him on the floor and bumped his head. After that Heejun told her to be gentle.

Aggressive GIF

Only want Jamjam

In the beginning, it seems like Ha O is not interested. Truth is, he just shy and slowly warm up to her.

Jamjam GIF
Gentle GIF

Running errands – ‘I am pretty’

Aim to buy eggs so that they can enjoy dinner, Ha O and Jamjam head out themselves to run the errands. The couple took a short break at the neighbourhood swing and Jamjam threw a question at Ha O.

Pretty GIF

First time seeing Jamjam so angry, no one told her that she isn’t pretty before and she is hurt. But they eventually patch back when Ha O went to give her a hug and say she’s pretty. Shopping continues…

Date GIF

Goodbyes are hard

Almost an entire day spent at Jamjam’s and it is time to say goodbye. When Gary told Ha O it is time to leave, Jamjam gave him a tough stare. Eventually they will have to go home.

Ha O went to console Jamjam after Kang Gary dress him up and ready to go. This is so typical drama scene, right?

Kiss GIF

The BGM the editors edit in elevates the entire scene. Right after Ha O left their sight, Jamjam burst out crying.


Hope this adorable couple will reunite again soon.

Bonus scenes

Jamjam’s ageyo to express her gratitude to Gary for making the kids’ friendly drink.

Kang Gary GIF

Moon Heejun share the love with Kang Gary to mimic what their kids did.


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