Sung Han Bin and Zhang Hao testing their chemistry at Tingle Interview

Haobin For Tingle Interview

MPD released a clip of ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Han Bin and Zhang Hao AMSR interview to tease fans.

Previously on 30 Jun, they tweeted a photo of a violin (Zhang Hao) and cold injeolmi toast (Sung Han Bin) which fans quickly caught on it and decipher Haobin was the next guest on the Tingle interview. After a short 6 days, we have an answer.

Dropped a couple of hours ago on their Twitter account, MPD revealed a short clip of interviewing them separately.

When does the other look the cutest?
Both of them describe the cutest moments of the other half happen when he is eating.

Check out the full video here

The full episode is set to air on 8 July 2023, 2 days before ZEROBASEONE’s debut. Meanwhile, you can check out CAMP ZEROBASEONE.

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