Guide to GOT7’s Hard Carry Season 1 and 2

GOT7 Hard Carry 1 and 2

For those who are new to GOT7, this is one of the best variety shows you should catch up on to know the boys better. GOT7’s Hard Carry is hosted by yours truly, the members is released in the end Summer of 2016.

Season 1

No. of episodes: 10
Genre: Variety, Travel

Native title: 갓세븐의 하드캐리
Original network: Mnet

In the beginning of the show, the members sat down and write down what they want to do the most together and the producer team will plan out the series of activities for them.

Introducing Hard Carry

The members head to the airport for their overseas’ activity without their manager. Divided into three teams, Team JB chose to pull strings for help and got 2AM’s Jinwoon to drive them to the airport. The foreign members in Team Jackson took the public transport to the airport. And finally, Team Markjin took the airport bus and head to the airport directly.

  • Team JB, Youngjae, and Yugyeom: Jinwoon (2 AM member) drove them to the airport.
  • Team Jackson and Bambam: Taxi + Train
  • Team Markjin (Mark and Jinyoung): Airport Bus

Bangkok, Thailand

They arrived at the land of smile, Bangkok Thailand. The members had a crazy amount of fun thereby doing the zombie game within the hotel room. Just when they all thought that they can enjoy a good Thai massage, Bambam decides to prank the members.

Halloween party

GOT7 members dress up according to their own theme for a halloween party in the country side. Jinyoung had another activity and join them a little late, but he did not just appear before their eyes. Mischievous side of him plot a prank to scare the members.

Avatar game of Jigsaw by Yugyeom, The Maze Runner, Han River

  • The Maze Runner (missing Jackson)
    • JJ Project: JB and Jinyoung
    • Evil Chinggus: Yugyeom and Bambam
    • Coco’s parents: Mark and Youngjae
  • JB’s wish for Han river date (and he went with Youngjae)
  • Song: Dreamin’ (YouTube, by M2)

Paint Ball (missing Jinyoung), Fencing , MBTI result

Jackson was from the National Junior Fencing team in Hong Kong, he’s wish is to experience it with the members he love. All of them head to the fencing studio that Jackson knows in Korea to try it out.

GOT7 back in the studio, the producer arranged the members to fill up their MBTI test questions and hired an observer behind the camera to see their individual characters.


Jeju Island (missing Youngjae)

Once again, the group is divided into teams based on their interest in the activities laid out for them. One team will be led by Mark who planned out an adventurous trip in Jeju. On the other hand, Jinyoung planned out a healing trip in Jeju for members who wish to travel with him.

Mark, Jackson, and Yugyeom chose the adventurous journey. JB, Jinyoung, and Bambam chose the healing journey.

Toronto, Canada

How precious time is when you get some off day during your working trip? After their intense schedule and concluded their world tour in the city, the members split up for a better experience in Toronto.

Wanggaeparkgae (GOT7’s 94 line – Jackson and Jinyoung) decide to travel and explore the city together. Hunt down the famous restaurant and get some shopping done. Youngjae decides to travel solo to places of interest.

Avatar Game

  • Bambam’s wish
  • Controller: Bambam, Jinyoung, Avatar: Jackson
  • Controller: Mark, Youngjaem Avatar: JB, Yugyeom

Unreleased videos, in the official cut of Hard Carry.

Season 2

Image result for got7 hard carry 2

No. of episodes: 5 (Catch all the episodes on V Live)
Genre: Variety, Travel

Native title: 갓세븐의 하드캐리 2
Original network: Mnet

As compared to the first season, second 2 is a shorter version but definitely enjoyable. The season was released in 2018 in concurrent with their promotion for Present: YOU, with Lullaby.

Hong Kong

Jackson’s wish. Not to forget, Jackson mentioned that his favorite Cha Chan Teng is Tsui Wah and they went there for a meal. Happy that Singapore opened one Tsui Wah and the food is just AMAZING!

Train to Yangyang, Surfing

Fulfilling Jinyoung’s wish, GOT7 took a train to somewhere outside of Seoul and explore more about their own country. They went to Yangyang and pick up surfing that is the best activity that suits the season.

What’s more? The zombie game is back, but this time around the challenge is up when they host it in the train itself.

Catch the tail

The whole takeaway that even the members mentioned. “Our teamwork is the best”. Check out episode 3 and 4 to find out why. *winkwink*

Bed and Breakfast

Related image
Episode 5, Hard Carry 2
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  • Everyone’s wish. They just want to show the real GOT7, without a script (or minimal) and relax.
  • The highlight of the episode (to me), Jinyoung jumping into the indoor pool after he lost to the game of scissors, paper, stone.
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My favourite episode is the final one. Even though it’s sad that the series only last for a good 5 episodes, but I love how they are sorta relaxing in the final episode. Just GOT7 with Bed and Breakfast concept and they can OTOT.

Unreleased videos in the original cut of Hard Carry 2. All videos can be found in M2’s YouTube account.

  • Episode 1: Jackson’s choice of Hong Kong’s best restaurant (cha chan teng) which I mentioned previously. (watch the video here)
  • Episode 2: Train to Yangyang. What happened to Jackson and BamBam after that got ‘kicked’ off the train. (watch the video here)
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Really enjoyed the hard carry series and hope that Mnet (M2) will produce Hard Carry 3, 4 on and on.

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