Guide to Hard Carry 1 and 2


Probably the first GOT7 variety shows that I follow REAL TIME since I started being entry level ahgase (iGOT7).


Honestly, I have no idea on what to expect from the show apart from seeing all the members with bits and pieces of the teaser pictures.

So let’s backtrack to the first Hard Carry…

Hard Carry (First)

Recently, I have completed the first Hard Carry, all 10 episodes that were first released in 2016. After 10 episodes of happiness, I have a clearer understanding of the aim of the show and decided to re-watch Hard Carry 2.

AIM: Each member will write down what they want to do the most with their members in the beginning (before the filming commence) and the producer team will plan out the series of activities for them in each episode.

Total no. of episodes: 10 (catch all the episodes on V Live)

Episode 1: Introducing Hard Carry

  • Going to the airport without manager
    • Team JB, Youngjae and Yugyeom: Jinwoon (2AM member) drove them to the airport.
    • Team Jackson and Bambam: Taxi + Train
    • Team Markjin (Mark and Jinyoung): Airport Bus (that’s what I did when I went Korea)


Episode 2: Bangkok

  • Zombie game in the Hotel room
  • Bambam prank on GOT6 during the massage sessions

Episode 3: Sports day (missing Jinyoung) & Halloween

Episode 4: Avatar game of Jigsaw by Yugyeom, The Maze Runner, Han River

  • The Maze Runner (missing Jackson)
    • JJ Project: JB and Jinyoung
    • Evil Chinggus: Yugyeom and Bambam
    • Coco’s parents: Mark and Youngjae
  • JB’s wish for Han river date (and he went with Youngjae)
  • Song: Dreamin’ (YouTube, by M2)

Episode 5 & 6: Paint Ball (missing Jinyoung), Fencing, , MBTI result

  • Jackson’s wish for fencing
  • For iGOT7 to understand and discover their hidden talent, the PD came out with the MBTI test!


Episode 7: Jeju Island (missing Youngjae)

  • Members are split into Team Mark and Team Jinyoung depends on their will.
  • Team Mark: Adventurous journey in Jeju
    • Members: Mark, Jackson, Yugyeom
  • Team Jinyoung: Relax and healing journey in Jeju
    • Members: Jinyoung, JB, Bambam
  • Song: Let me (my favorite song as of now)

Episode 8 & 9: Toronto, Canada.

  • The members are given a day free to do whatever they want in the city. Decided to split into three (3) groups; (check out here)
    • Team Skydiving: Mark, Jaebum, Bambam, and Yugyeom
    • #WanggaeParkgae dating and shopping: Jackson and JinyoungF9a28b0495e02b4b4e31772005f11ae3546338f3 Encoded
    • Solo tour and exploring the city: Youngjae

Episode 10: Avatar Game

  • Bambam’s wish
  • Controller: Bambam, Jinyoung, Avatar: Jackson
  • Controller: Mark, Youngjaem Avatar: JB, Yugyeom

Unreleased videos, in the official cut of Hard Carry.

Hard Carry 2

Image result for got7 hard carry 2

No. of episodes: 5 (Catch all the episodes on V Live)

Episode 1: Hong Kong

  • Jackson’s wish. Not to forget, Jackson mentioned that his favourite Cha Chan Teng is Tsui Wah and they went there for a meal. Happy that Singapore opened one Tsui Wah and the food is just AMAZING!

Episode 2: Train to Yangyang, Surfing

  • Jinyoung’s wish. Taking a train to somewhere in Korea and explore more about their own country.
  • The zombie game is back!

Episode 3 & 4: Catch the tail

  • The whole takeaway that even the members mention. “Our teamwork is the best”. Check out episode 3 and 4 to find out why. *winkwink*
Related image
Episode 5, Hard Carry 2

Episode 5: Bed and Breakfast

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  • Everyone’s wish. They just want to show the real GOT7, without a script (or minimal) and relax.
  • The highlight of the episode (to me), Jinyoung jumping into the indoor pool after he lost to the game of scissors, paper, stone.

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My favourite episode is the final one. Even though it’s sad that the series only last for a good 5 episodes, but I love how they are sorta relaxing in the final episode. Just GOT7 with Bed and Breakfast concept and they can OTOT.

Unreleased videos in the original cut of Hard Carry 2. All videos can be found in M2’s YouTube account.

  • Episode 1: Jackson’s choice of Hong Kong’s best restaurant (cha chan teng) which I mentioned previously. (watch the video here)
  • Episode 2: Train to Yangyang. What happened to Jackson and BamBam after that got ‘kicked’ off the train. (watch the video here)

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Really enjoyed the hard carry series and hope that Mnet (M2) will produce Hard Carry 3, 4 on and on.

*I might miss out a couple of videos and information here and there. But here’s the summary of what I remember and my personal option.*

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