Horror Angel Mystery on The Great Escape Season 3

The Great Escape S3 - Ep 1-2

The Great Escape is back with another exciting season, the third season fixed cast lineup includes Yang Mi, Allen Deng Lun, Justin Huang Ming Hao, Wowkie Zhang Wei, Zhang Guo Wei. This is a Chinese variety show that focuses and builds on escape rooms, every 2 episodes will have one theme.

No. of episodes: 13
Genre: Horror, Investigation, Comedy, Thriller
Native Title: 密室大逃脱 第三季
Original network: Mango TV

The first guest on the show is GOT7’s Jackson Wang and they will be exploring the first escape room: Angel Mystery.

We are moving away from the run-down building used for the entire Season 2, now in a futuristic-looking building to kick off the season. Through episode 0’s mission, they have chosen Jackson Wang as the leader for their first escape mission. The members are dressed up as comic characters from Pokemon, One Piece, Sailor Moon, and more.

As always, every escape room does contain a meaningful backstory. Leave in the comment section if you catch the message behind the Angel Mystery.

Check out the first episode here

New episodes will be out every Thursday at 12PM on Mango TV, and it will be available on YouTube the following day.

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