Horror Premiere of Great Escape Season 2

Great Escape Season 2 Cast 密室大逃脱 2

For those who did not catch the first season, it is still good to start off the second as it is based on different escape rooms.

Great Escape 密室大逃脱2 is a China spin off Variety show with the similar concept based on the Korean version. The cast members are thrown into a massive themed escape rooms and they are all by themselves to unlock rooms with no time limit.

For the second season we have the OG (original cast) including Yang Mi, Allen Deng Lun and Justin Huang Ming Hao and joined by 2 new members, Wowkie Zhang Wei and Guo Qi Lin.

#1 Secret of Error 404

Theme: 404的秘密

In the first themed, they are joined by a guest Actor Zhang Yu Jian who pose as the butler of the house (haunted) or in gaming terms, he is the NPC of the episode.

#2 Haunted building

Theme: 大厦疑云

On 9 Jul 2020, we welcome the next episode which brings the fear factor even higher. The cast members are brought into a run down building as real estate agents/ developers mission to claim back the approval to buy over the building.

#3 Entrepreneurs’ trap

Theme: 创业陷阱

The members transformed into students from Peach College. They are recruited by their classmate Xiao Ming into the ‘shark’ company that helps inspiring fresh graduate and help them start up their own business.

Once they enter, they realized it is a trapped and the mastermind is abuse the recruits physically and mentally if they did not recruit more people in.

For the second part of the escape game, check out the next episode.

#4 Security

Theme: 安保危机

Security that dresses like pilot. The members are greeted with a zombie-like creatures that is on attack mode when in contact with light and sound. NPC guest for the episodes is our hero from the first season, Zhang Guo Wei.

#5 Hotel Fright

Theme: 饭店惊魂

Two episodes seeing the team stuck in the hotel that was closed down decades ago. Uncover bits a pieces and discover truth behind the death of the last dancer.

Stay tune and follow the YouTube account for updated episodes every Thursday.

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