Idol Room: X1 debut with Flash


No doubt, idol room is the variety show that I really look forward to when the Kpop groups I’m supporting do a comeback.

Hosted by Jeong Hyeong-don and Defconn, this duo really doing a good job ever since Weekly Idol times where all the 2x dance started.

Episode 67 featuring X1 (Kshow123)
Original network: JTBC

This is the first real variety show that X1 appear as 11 members, so I really look forward to it. Seeing how the members interact with each other, showcasing their talent etc. Here is the moments from the episode that I really love.

The awkward intro

As you all know, X1 is formed through Produce X 101 and some trainees are actually debuted prior the show. 4 out of 11 members actually debut before and 3 of them went on the show with the previous group.

Trying hard to be sexy

This group is oddly doing all the sexy dance in their own way which is not provoking yet funny at the same time.

Random dance play – Hyeongjun edition

Always love to watch idols challenging themselves in random dance.

X1’s orchestra

That second from Seung Woo

The Tray Dance

What’s your favorite part in the idol room episode? 

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