Idol Survivor Shows – Produce 101, 48

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Super late into the game, but better late than never.

After GOT7 mentioned that they are really grateful Produce X 101 is covering their songs which sparks my curiosity and went to catch the latest episode of Produce X 101.

Produce X 101

Only 3 episodes into the new season. I have no clue how the program works prior this but definitely know what Produce series is.

I speed watch to catch the GOT7 moments and apparently the 101 trainees are fighting for the group they want to cover for their battle. Everyone sprint for other groups like Wanna One (their senior), Seventeen is really popular as well, EXO and more.

The final 2 trainee standing fight for BTS’s banner while the rest went back to the starting line, and GOT7 was left hanging beside BTS. This broke my heart, the boys worked so hard and I hope they can be recognized in Korea.

Produce 48

Knowing that IZ*ONE came from Produce 48, this is my next watch. Of course, I did speed watch it as well.

Quite a couple of members left a good impression on me and now it is time to find out how they flair in the survivor show.

Idol Survivor Shows Produce 101 48Idol Survivor Shows Produce 101 48

Miyawaki Sakura definitely left impression with her visuals. At one glance you know she’s not Korean but I did not know she was JPOP idol prior Produce 48, in HKT48 ad AKB48.

Lee Chae-yeon is another member I know but at a later part. ITZY Chaeryeon’s sister, also participated 2 idol survivor shows prior to Produce 48. When she was announced as the final member for IZ*ONE, I’m really moved.

Other members such as Choi Ye Na and An Yu Jin through Mafia (where JB’s a fixed member in the variety show).

Produce 101 Season 2

So glad that even after I’ve completed the series, my bias is still the same.

Ever since my sister first expose me to Wanna One through their appearance at Weekly Idol, I know Ong Seung Woo is my bias.

After watching, now I know Kang Daniel does not rise his fame overnight neither he is in Class A from the beginning.

The struggles of NU’EST trying hard to survive in the KPOP world end up have to pull themselves back to become trainees all over again.

Definitely able to write more in another post about my thoughts of this season.

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