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Boys Planet Active Idols

The upcoming idol survival program Boys’ Planet 2023 is a sequel to the first prequel Girls’ Planet that produce Kep1er. It is still a controversial program due to many counts of vote manipulation cases, Mnet still go around the rules and release Girls’ Planet.

Based on what was released, Boys’ Planet’s 98 contestants are spilt into 2 planets, South Korea and Global.

Previously covered the trainees that was seen competing on the China idol survival program Youth With You series. This article, I will be sharing more about current active and non-active idols putting themselves back on a competitive stage for a chance to debut again.

Lee Hoe Taek aka HUI (from Pentagon)

Image 12
Image 13

Definitely going to be the talk of the town during and even before the show premiere in February. Pentagon’s HUI is an active member also made his name as a producer, still under Cube Entertainment, his appearance will be naturally linked to Choi Yujin’s case in Girls’ Planet.

Choi Yujin was a member of CLC, also under Cube Entertainment which is not a C-list idol group back then. Her appearance in Girls’ Planet really sparks curiosity which she later revealed that Cube disbanded CLC without announcing.

Keita (Ciipher)

Image 14
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The first Kpop boy group that is created by the legend, Rain under Rain Company. Ciipher made its debut in March 2021 with blessings from many. However, they might not be creating more buzz for now.

Jang Ji Ho, Seohan and Winnie (from NINE.i)

Jang Ji Ho

Image 16
Image 17


Image 18
Image 19


Image 20
Image 21

NINE.i just made their debut early 2022, yet all 3 members are here trying to make their mark after being an inactive member under NINE.i? What will their story be?

Lee Hwan Hee and Lee Dong Yeol, Xiao (from UP10TION)

Lee Hwan Hee

Image 22
Image 23

Lee Dong Yeol

Image 24
Image 25

UP10TION is a boy group under TOP Media who made their debut in Sep 2015. Even though they are struggling to keep their name, Lee Jin Hyuk and Woo Seok (aka Wooshin) participated in Product X 101 and ranked high. Both entered finals with Woo Seok ranking 2 and debute as X1 while Jin Hyuk came out as a soloist.

This definitely helped UP10TION to gain fame shortly. However, things might not be working well now?

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