Updates: K-Star Next Door featuring ZEROBASEONE in 2 episodes

Zb1 Kstar Next Door 2023

Updated, 1 Jul

It’s here~! The episode of K-Star Next Door featuring ZEROBASEONE is here! Everyone thought we are getting 1 episode, but no, it’s going to be 2.

Host Jonathan mentioned in the episode that it’s the first time having so many guests, so the group is divided into 2:

Episode 1 (1 Jul 2023) – Sung Han Bin, Ricky, Kim Gyu Vin, and Park Gun Wook
Episode 2 (8 Jul 2023) – Kim Ji Woong, Zhang Hao, Seok Matthew, Kim Tae Rae, and Han Yu Jin

For international fans, you will be happy to know that the episode comes with English subtitles! No downtime waiting for it to be sub!

Check out the full episode here

Apart from it, here’s a little bonus Short form video for you to enjoy as well

Original post, 29 Jun

Hosted by Jonathan Thona Yiombi, the Congolese-Korean entertainer, he has his own show The K-Star Next Door which features K-pop idols in different episodes.

From last week’s episode featuring Choi Yena (IZ*ONE member, now soloist), they played a clip for next week’s featured guest which is ZEROBASEONE.

K Star Twitter account posted a tweet attached with the images to tease fans to anticipate the upcoming episode which will be aired this Saturday (1 Jul) at 6 PM (KST).

Maybe something to look forward to, Jonathan is definitely a viewer of Boys Planet which he proved when he mentioned it during both Stray Kids and ATEEZ episodes previously.

The performance mentioned includes the Back Door stage by K Group, as well as K Group’s Wake One trainee The Real. Kim Tae Rae participated in both performances. Kim Ji Woong and maknae Han Yu Jin are in the Back Door performance we well.

Check out the teaser here (starting from 19:31)

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