Law of the Jungle: Northern Mariana Islands Ep 349

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Last weekend, the long-awaited episode of Law of the Jungle: Northern Mariana Island released. The reason why I’m waiting for it, because GOT7‘s magnae, Yugyeom is featured in these episodes.

Following Jackson, Mark and JB, Yugyeom is the 4th member of GOT7 that participated in the Law of The Jungle series. Hope to see all the members going too!

#1 GOT7 Songs

When there’s an idol in the series, the producers will definitely include their songs as background music which I love it. That’s why I love to watch those that have the members.

One thing to note, I think the producers love “Hard Carry” since they really insert the song in and the MV in for a few times.

#2 Short Flashback of the members

In the beginning, when they introduce Yugyeom, they mentioned he is the fourth member in LOTJ series and there’s a flashback of the rest.

Law Of The Jungle Northern Mariana Islands Ep 349
Mark with Shindong. When they bring ahgabong to the jungle. <3 
Law Of The Jungle Northern Mariana Islands Ep 349
JB featuring in the Cook Island series

#3 Female warrior – Bo Reum

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Han Bo Reum! The first impression of her is in Memories of the Alhambra, which she plays the role of the annoying cunny wife of the male lead, Yura. When I spotted her, I could recognise her.

During the interview, she mentioned that she loves to try new things and accept new challenges so she tried many other activities such as Sky diving and many other certs.

#4 House, built from scratch

Always look forward to what kind of house/shelter they will build for the next few days stay there. Out of all the episodes that I’ve watched, I love the one that they built in cook island most.

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#5 The view

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Nature is always the best when you see the emerald ocean, clear blue sky and lots of greenery.

It is just a blessing to witness the beauty of nature.

#6 Pre-broadcast Interview

During the interview, he recommends that Bambam should be the next to join LOTJ series because he is funny. This comment made the crew laugh.

Excited to watch the next episode, especially their first meal on the island since they have a professional chef and two fishermen.

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