Meeting Mr. Right – 女儿们的恋爱 (Selina and Derek)


No. of episodes: 13
Genre: Romance, Variety

Native title: 女儿们的恋爱
Original network: Mango TV app

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Started watching this variety show because of Selina Jen 任家萱 (from SHE). After everything she have been through, I’m really impressed and admire her. The courage she needs to be even participating in this variety show is a huge step ahead.

This is a dating-like variety show with a twist. The daughters will be out dating with a guy for 3-days before deciding if they want to continue with the same guy while their dads are in the studio watching it.

First impression

Selina was first matched with Derek, a guy who is 11 years younger than her. The age barrier contributes a huge factor and him also in the entertainment industry makes her feel more insecure.

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Almost a miss

The unexpected happened to them. During their last date, Derek received an urgent call from his family and he have to stop filming. Sadly, after that, they confirmed his grandmother’s passing.

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Having such a huge event in life, he was stuck in the middle and eventually call it even with the show. Everyone understands his pain, Selina also do but unavoidably sad as well.

After it ended, they met up in private to discuss the ‘want’ to be back together and after the agreement, Derek is back on the show.

New beginning

They start fresh and with no baggage as compared to the first date. Both understands and knows each other and now they are dating happily. Enjoying whatever time they have together.

Decision – yet to come

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The toughest part of being under the limelight, to announce your relationship status. While waiting for the final episode to air, I will still pin hope that they will be together.

Moments I love

On their second date, Derek sang and play on the guitar to Selina. Even though he don’t have the best vocals, this move just deserves claps.

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When Selina is flustered by the fire and heat from the lantern, Derek notice it immediately. This is really sweet that he do pay attention to the smallest details and her.

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The Jen sisters double date trip to Yunnan. The two dates trying to compete with each other is really funny.

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You can watch all episodes and additional clips from the MangoTV app. However, they do not have English subtitles.

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