Mentor Collaboration stages on Youth With You 3

Mentor Collaboration Stage - YWY3

In episodes 21 and 22, we have the highlights of Youth With You 3 with the mentor collaboration stages with the Top 35 trainees. Split into 6 teams with Chris Lee, Wilber Pan, Lisa, Li Rong Hao, GEM, and members from THE9.

Shut Up And Dance

Team Chris Lee perform her new single, Shut Up And Dance and they shot a music video for the performance. She has 6 trainees including Tony Yu Jingtian, Luo Yi Zhou, Rimiko Lee Junhao, Kachine Sun Ying Hao, Yang Hao Ming, and Sun Yihang.

Kick Back

Team Lisa perform WayV’s Kick Back and due to the distance, this performance was shot and made into a music video as well. There are five members in Team Lisa including Lian Huai Wei, Liu Jun, Kingston, X Duan Xing Xing, and Neil Liu Guan you.

No Regret

Team Li Ronghao perform a new song by Li Ronghao No Regret. He has recruited the strongest vocalist amongst the trainees Xu Ziwei, Jeremy Deng Zhe Ming, Liang Sen, Drrchen, Deng Xiaoci, Jojo.

Super Power

GEM Tang (邓紫棋) is the X mentor for Youth With You 3 and she will be using her latest song release Super Power for the mentor collaboration stage. 6 trainees from the Top 35 join her for super power performance including Zi Yu, Krystian Wang, Wang Jia Chen, Jiang Jingzhou, Chuk Qiu Dan Feng, and Kin Lee.

Go Hard

The Rap Mentor Wilber Pan leads the stage with a rap mentor collaboration stage, Go Hard. Surprisingly almost all of the 6 trainees are challenging themselves with this masculine style. Chase Lee, Crayon, Jacky Du, Yuta, Alan, and Nemo Xu.

Yes Okay! We Rock remix

Those who follow Youth With You 2 will find this song not foreign. Combining both seasons’ theme song into one. Joining their seniors from THE9’s Yu Yan, Babymonster An Qi, and Lu Ke Ran, we have 5 trainees. He Derui, GG Zhang Siyuan, BoogieFish Caoyu, Liam, and Zheng Xingyuan

Which is your favorite mentor collaboration stage? Sadly, this is the last performance stage for the trainees ranked No. 21 to 35 as only the Top 20 trainees made it to the finale debut night stage on 8 May 2021.

Meanwhile, if there are any trainees cauught your attention remember to vote for them before 8 May 2021!

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