Minhwan and Yulhee leave ‘Mr House Husband’

Episode 141 marks the final episodes with FT Island’s Minhwan and Yulhee family, after the birth of their newborn twins. I first discovered and stay on watching KBS‘s Mr House Husband because of this couple and since 2018 (Episode 77), we have watched them grow a lot.

From Jae Yul still a baby and now he is Oppa to twin girls. Shortly after the birth of the twins, Minhwan is due to serve the mandatory military (1992s are turning 28). With many major milestone hits, they are leaving the show.

Minhwan GIF

I love how through the filming years, they grew closer together and even with in-laws. Seeing them grow so much as a parent and spouses.

Jae Yul grab drumstick on 1st birthday

1St Birthday GIF

When the couple first know they are carrying twins

Yul Hee always wanted to form a big family and wants more kids. When she was first pregnant, they are really very happy. Upon confirmation that they are carrying twins, they can’t believe yet really excited.

Twins GIF

Bless the blissful family and hope they are all healthy and happy.

Jaeyul GIF

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