Park Gun Wook, Sung Han Bin cover top hits and ZB1 performs on K-909

Zerobaseone X K 909

On 15 July, ZEROBASEONE went on K-909 to promote their title track In Bloom, and their 1st Mini Album, Youth in the Shade. JTBC’s music program K-909 is hosted by BOA.

During the show, the group had an interview with Boa where they talk about their album, Zhang Hao show his violin skills by playing Always (his solo song) and Only One (by Boa). Boa praises Hanbin’s visual and says he is Cha Eun Wook’s lookalike which made him flush on the spot. Hanbin, Gunwook, Matthew, and Gyuvin dance to Enhyphen’s Bite Me, and more.

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Apart from In Bloom, the group covers 1 of their B-side track, And I which just beautifully showcase how this group is made out of vocals.

To announce the songs on the weekly music chart, 2 members of the invited group will use their vocals to showcase. ZEROBASEONE’s Leader Sung Han Bin and Giant Baby Park Gun Wook are selected here. They did cover for Enhyphen’s Bite Me, Stray Kids’ S-Class, BTS’s Take Two, and ended off with Queencard by GI-DLE.

Check out the full 99 seconds here

We are almost 1 week old since ZEROBASEONE’s debut on Monday, 10 July 2023. Really excited about what lies ahead.

Meanwhile, here are some photos from the filming.

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