Review: Greatest Events of World War II in Colour

No. of episodes: 10
Genre: History, War, Documentary

Original network: Netflix

Everyone knows deep down how much people need to go through due to the war and stories of the post war affected surviving individuals. What we do not know, or fully aware is, the cause that started it.

A documentary that was explained by historians, footage being recovered in colours by professionals. This is a rare and precious documentary available on Netflix.

10 episodes of events taken place around the world during the war. Experts and historian, survivors explaining what they see, what they know and it.

  1. Blitzkrieg (Mention of Dunkirk)
  2. Battle of Britain
  3. Pearl Harbor
  4. Battle of Midway
  5. Siege of Stalingrad
  6. D-Day
  7. Battle of the Bulge
  8. Dresden Firestorm
  9. Liberation of Buchenwald
  10. Hiroshima

I would say that no one is mentally prepared for the devastating episode 8 to 10, the citizens that suffers the aftermath of the war.

This documentary is for those that wants to know more about what happened exactly.

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