Special MC – ZB1’s Hyung Line did a perfect job at M Countdown

Zb1 Hyung Line Special Mc At Mcountdown

Updates, 9 Aug

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3 August 2023 is a fun day for ZEROBASEONE’s hyung line, Sung Han Bin, Kim Ji Woong, and Zhang Hao appeared on M Countdown as special MCs and not there to promote In Bloom.

Check out clips of them hosting for the night.
(Manifesting one of them will be selected as a regular MC soon!)

Previously it was reported by ZB1 will be doing a special performance under the ‘History M’ segment. However, due to our 02 line, Bbangiz covering from COVID-19, the performance was canceled.

A little side track, here is what was prerecorded for History M. While the hyung line is responsible for hosting the music show, the maknaes are not resting. Kim Gyu Vin, Park Gun Wook, and Han Yu Jin dressed up in coordinated denim jumpers.

Check out the youthful and filled with summer-vibes clip from them.

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