Sung Han Bin and Zhang Hao shared what happened in the laundry room

Sung Han Bin And Zhang Hao For Tingle Interview M2

Mnet M2MPD dropped the episode of Tingle Interview featuring 2 members of a pre-debut group, ZEROBASEONE. Leader Sung Han Bin and Zhang Hao are famous for their chemistry since the Boys Planet era which forms the final project group.

Previously mentioned how they sneak previews of the interview leading up to the full episode. And we are here at the full episode.

Some of the interview questions that might prick your interest.

  • What’s Hao’s Favorite Chinese song?
  • What dessert is Hanbin least confident in?
  • What Instrument is Hao most confident in?
  • Have you seen each others’ fan cam?
  • Telepathy test!
  • What’s the name of Hao and Hanbin’s chemistry?
  • Look at each other for 5 seconds

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