Temporary Theme Evaluation group on Youth With You 3

In the latest episode 15, the top 60 trainees from Youth With You 3 are sort into 5 different original songs that were picked by netizens based on what they want their idols to sing and dance. However, only the top 35 trainees will be able to perform these songs in the final stage.

The top group will receive a total of 50,000 benefit votes. 20,000 will be given to the top trainee within the top group and the rest will be divided between the other trainees.

If you are lost, Youth With You 3 is a Chinese idol survival program with the ultimate aim to debut a nine members boy group at the end of the program. 

Here are the songs

  • Domesticator 驯化者
  • Monsoon 季风环游
  • Sha Ni 沙溺
  • Way Up 命中
  • Bamboo 竹

Each group will have 12 trainees but only 7 will be able to stand on the final stage for the song performance. There might be a re-shuffle if certain songs have more members.

Domesticator 驯化者

YWY3 - Domesticator 驯化者
YWY3 – Domesticator 驯化者

Trainees include

  1. Liang Sen 梁森,
  2. JOJO Tang Jiu Zhou 唐九洲,
  3. Luo Yizhou 罗一舟,
  4. Neil Liu Guan you 刘冠佑,
  5. Jiang Jingzuo 姜京佐,
  6. Wei Hongyu 魏宏宇,
  7. Drrchen Chen Junhao 陈俊豪,
  8. G.G Zhang Siyuan 张思源,
  9. Crayon Cheng Yugeng 陈誉庚
  10. Krystian 王南钧
  11. ONE Zhong Jun Yi 钟骏一
  12. Dow Bai Ting 白丁

Monsoon 季风环游

YWY3 - Monsoon 季风环游
YWY3 – Monsoon 季风环游

Trainees include

  1. Jeremy Deng Zheming 邓泽鸣,
  2. Zi Yu 梓渝
  3. Yuchoen Wan Yuchen 万禹辰
  4. Yuta 桥本裕太,
  5. Niu Zaizai 牛在在
  6. DING Cheng Dingding 陈鼎鼎
  7. Zhou Zijie 周子杰
  8. Ailizati 艾力扎提
  9. Alan
  10. S.Titch Zhao Jinyao 赵瑾尧
  11. Chuk Qiu Danfeng 邱丹枫
  12. Cole Ke Er 柯尔

Sha Ni 沙溺

YWY3 - Sha Ni 沙溺
YWY3 – Sha Ni 沙溺

Trainees include

  1. X Duan Xing Xing 段星星,
  2. Kingston Yixuan 亿轩,
  3. Xu Ziwei 徐子未,
  4. Liam Yanxi 彦希,
  5. Otter 崔云峰,
  6. Owen Gong Yixing 龚毅星,
  7. Vic Wei Xingcheng 魏星丞
  8. Kin Li Qin 李钦
  9. He Derui 何德瑞
  10. Casper Xu Zuolun 许卓伦
  11. Ayu 阿煜
  12. Jaydon (Chen Jun Yu) 陈俊宇

Way Up 命中

YWY3 - Way Up 命中
YWY3 – Way Up 命中

Trainees include

  1. Tony Yu Jing Tian 余景天,
  2. Lian Huaiwei 连淮伟,
  3. Sun Yihang 孙亦航,
  4. Rimiko Li Junhao 李俊濠,
  5. Kachine Sun Yinghao 孙滢皓,
  6. Nemo Xu Xinci 徐新驰,
  7. BoogieFish Caoyu 草鱼,
  8. Keerlijun 苛尔力钧
  9. Yang Haoming 杨昊铭
  10. WD Wang Haoxuan 王浩轩
  11. Chase Lee Shiqi 十七
  12. He Derui 何德瑞

Foresee will have the most members as most of the trainees are in Top 35.

Bamboo 竹

YWY3 – Bamboo 竹

Trainees include

  1. Jun Liu 刘隽,
  2. Waston Chang Huasen 常华森,
  3. Wang Jiachen 汪佳辰
  4. Jacky Du Tianyu 杜天宇
  5. Jerome. D Deng Xiaoci 邓孝慈
  6. Kaiden Liu Junhao 刘俊昊
  7. Ikelili 艾克里里
  8. Hans Han Jingde 韩竞德
  9. Jason K
  10. Han Ruize 韩瑞泽
  11. Zheng Xingyuan 郑星源
  12. Bai Lu 白陆

In less than an hour time, the top 35 will be revealed and what will happen to the above grouping?

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