Top 20 Fan Meeting Highlights of Youth with You 3

YWY3 - Fan Meeting 1 May 2021

On 1 May 2021, the top 20 trainees from the ongoing program Youth With You 3 held their fan meeting. The program is leading to its grand finale the debut night on the 8 May 2021 with the aim of debuting the 9 members.

Youth With You 3 Top 20 Trainees' Fan Meet on 1 May 2021
Youth With You 3 Top 20 Trainees’ Fan Meet on 1 May 2021

During the fan meet, the trainees perform 4 songs that are available on YouTube including the theme song We Rock, Way Up, Bamboo, and Sha Ni.

Way Up, Bamboo, and Sha Ni were the original songs that the Top 35 trainees performed during the theme evaluation stages. To fill up the 3 songs after 15 trainees left, they managed to move the trainees from Domesticator and Monsoon to the three songs.

Way Up

For Way Up, only one left and Chase Lee went back to his original song to perform with the rest. And the show is still splendid which allows every member to shine.

  1. Tony Yu Jing Tian 余景天,
  2. Lian Huaiwei 连淮伟,
  3. Sun Yihang 孙亦航,
  4. Kachine Sun Yinghao 孙滢皓,
  5. Nemo Xu Xinci 徐新驰,
  6. Yang Haoming 杨昊铭
  7. Chase Lee Shiqi 十七


Bamboo has originally 7 trainees but for the special performance, they have changed up the choreography to fit 6 trainees. 5 original trainees made it to the Top 20 and join them, we have Luo Yi Zhou that was from Domesticator.

  1. Jun Liu 刘隽,
  2. Waston Chang Huasen 常华森,
  3. Jacky Du Tianyu 杜天宇
  4. Jerome. D Deng Xiaoci 邓孝慈
  5. Krystian 王南钧
  6. Luo Yizhou 罗一舟

Sha Ni

Sha Ni is one of the three songs that have the most trainees made it in Top 20 and therefore is one of the choices of the song to perform. Apart from the 4 original trainees, Liang Sen, JOJO and Neil Liu Guan you joined this team.

  1. X Duan Xing Xing 段星星,
  2. He Derui 何德瑞
  3. Xu Ziwei 徐子未,
  4. Rimiko Li Junhao 李俊濠
  5. Neil Liu Guan you 刘冠佑
  6. JOJO Tang Jiu Zhou 唐九洲
  7. Liang Sen 梁森

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