Trainees that caught our attention in Youth With You 3

Youth With You 3 - Tony Yu Jing Tian, Lian Huai Wei, Ailizati

Youth With You 3 is an idol survival program from China, gathering trainees to compete for a chance to debut in a 9-member boy group. The third season of the idol program which previously debuted UNINE in 2018 and THE9 in 2020. The program first started off as Idol Producer which debuted NINE PERCENT. The third/fourth season gathered 119 trainees and only 9 of them will make it to debut at the end of the entire show on 8 May 2021.

Native title: 青春有你3
Original network: iQiyi
No. of episodes: 24

Mentor line-up, we have Blackpink’s Lisa as the Dance mentor, Li Rong Hao as the Vocal mentor, Wil Pan Wei Bo as the Rap mentor.

#1 Tony Yu Jing Tian – All Rounder

For those who find him familiar, the answer is YES! Tony goes by his Chinese name Yu Jing Tian and is one of the trainees who have participated in South Korea’s Produce X 101. Unfortunately, he did not make it to the debut line for X1 but made it to the Top 20.

Definitely my no.1 bias. He caught my attention since Pdx101, so I really hope he can make it to debut through Youth With You 3. Standalone his performance here is really stable.

His performance was aired in the first episode, but the results is shared only in later half of episode 2.

#2 Wei Hong Yu – The Vocalist

Even though he did not dance, but his stage able to attract everyone to enjoy his own produced music. His off-stage personality is really different but adorable. Hope he can move up the ranking as he is still currently at the latter half of the 119 trainees.

#3 Liu Jun – The Dancer

After episode 3 is aired, I saw his performance and really understand why he is one of the hot-topic trainees. Being a top choreographer in one of the best dance studio 1MILLION Dance Studio, the Malaysian trainee shed off his speciality to challenge himself to be an idol.

Dear Ahgases, he is one of the key person that helped GOT7 in the making of Lullaby.

Even though his appraisal performance is missing the singing portion, the entire performance caught our eyes and we enter into his world and even felt tears circling the eye balls.

#4 Chase Lee – The Rapper

Chase Lee is a rapper that brings his own music written with the theme “Youth”. Rap and sing with his heart and soul, delivering the message for those who suffered school bullies before. As a producer, rapper, and singer he is there but yet to know how he will flair when dance comes into place.

Xu Ziwei

He is one of the best vocalist amongst the trainee and we can feel the message he want to deliver through the song.

Lian Huai Wei

His second attempt on the same program where UNINE debut back in 2018. He almost debuted in UNINE, Lian Huai Wei ended his journey in Youth With You at No. 10 (just one position difference to debut). To start all over again takes a ton of courage, and really admire his determination and desire for a stage to perform. Huai Wei caught my attention on the very first episode of Youth With You season 1 as the bubbly trainee working hard and really brings positivity to the table.

Even though his performance seems like lacking or missing out on something, but skills set compared to the first season has improved tremendously.


Even though his performance wasn’t splendid, but for a new trainee with such stability in the performance the potential is there.

The overall standard has lifted, considering they are singing live for this season. Many WOAH performance and unconventional image of an idol trainees stand up in this program.

How to vote

Good news to international fans like us. We are able to vote for our bias through the site directly. You are able to vote for a maximum of 9 trainees per day for the normal account. For iQiyi’s VIP members, you are able to vote 5 times per day.

For the full episode, head over to iQiyi to discover your bias. Those who don’t understand Mandarin, the English subtitles are available. New episodes will be out on every Thursday and Saturday.