Travel with Kang Ha Neul, Ong Seong Wu, And Ahn Jae Hong in ‘Travelers 2’

Travelers 2

Recently hooked on to the new variety series that debut on the 15th Feb 2020, Travelers 2. Backpacking with Kang Ha Neul, Ong Seong Wu, And Ahn Jae Hong in Argentina.

The ongoing variety show is available in VIU SG and original network JTBC. Currently, I am not sure how many episodes there will be in total but still going to treasure every bits.

Here’s their YouTube channel @트래블러 Traveler

Shocked at their arrival

After traveling for more than 30 hours (almost) and reached Argentina, the three travelers are shocked to see the crowd waiting for them at the arrival point. Seungwu’s fans are screaming and they are shocked.

Dancing on the stage

They found a restaurant to settle down and watch the tango dance. End up, they are pulled to the stage to dance along.

Ha Neul get recognised

Part of Jae Hong’s bucketlist, they visited the famous restaurant that was frequent by famous Lionel Messi. One of the staff there recognized and walked up to Ha Neul saying that he and his wife really enjoy “When the Camellia Blooms‘ that is available on Netflix.

Photographer Ong

Was once again swayed towards Leica while seeing Seungwu taking beautiful photos with his camera. He mentioned to his hyungs “Usually I don’t see myself while editing the photos.” which I can totally resonate to.


Seungwu’s bucketlist is to skydive in Argentina. He first mentioned during the pre-travel meeting with the cast and crew. The hyungs are shook and refuse to sky dive… However, they end up decide to go with him because they feel bad leaving him alone.

The episode of them doing sky diving will be aired this weekend!

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