TVB Awards 2022 Nomination List is out

Tvb Award 2022 Nomination

The annual affair is coming soon. As we are approaching closer to the day, the nomination list are being narrowed down to the Top 10 from each categories which was being extended to 20 or even 30 nomination per category.

Native title: 萬千星輝頒獎典禮2022 (万千星辉颁奖典礼2022)
Original network: TVB

Date of the ceremony: 8 Jan 2023

Since this is a drama focus blog, I will only concentrate on the drama department’s nomination list covering the Best Drama, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Actress as well as the Most Popular TV Character for both Male and Female category.

Best Drama

  • Big White Duel Drama Poster 2022
  • I 039 Ve Got The Power Tvb 2022 Drama Poster
  • Forensic Heroes 5 Tvb 2022 Drama
  • Go With The Float Tvb 2022 Drama
  • The War Of Beauties Tvb 2022 Drama
  • Your Highness Is A Ruffian Tvb 2022 Drama
  • Hello Missfortune Tvb 2022 Short Drama Poster

Out of the initial 23 drama nomination for this category, the top 10 is out to fight for the crown as the Best Drama of 2022.

Background information, Battle of the Seven Sisters claimed this award last year along with the Best Actress as well. In the list, we see the sequel of Big White Duel, the series that was awarded the Best Drama in 2019.

Out of the Top 10, I’ve completed 6 titles and I would love to see either I’ve Got The Power, Forensic Heroes V or Big White Duel II to succeed the throne. Personally surprised to see Hello Missfortune in the list as the story does not have the best storyline compared to drama like Childhood in a Capsule who is not included in the Top 10.

Best Actor

Best Actor 2022 Nomination
  • Karl Ting, Freedom Memories
  • Roger Kwok, Communion
  • Kenneth Ma, Big White Duel II
  • Moses Chan, Big White Duel II
  • Andrew Lam , Get On A Flat
  • Bosco Wong, Forensic Heroes V
  • Joel Chan, Barrack O’Karma 1968
  • Kalok Chow, Your Highness
  • Ruco Chan, I’ve Got The Power
  • Wayne Lai, Go With The Float

It is definitely a miss when I did not see Owen Cheung in the list for Childhood in a Capsule. Both Kenneth Ma and Ruco Chan enter the list again this year. With Kenneth Ma, again as a doctor from a different drama and Ruco Chan in enter based on a comedy drama instead of a serious, action based drama. Shaun Tam was the winner for the Best Actor in 2021.

Best Actress

Best Actress 2022 Nomination
  • Selena Li, Barrack O’Karma 1968
  • Samatha Ko Ling, Childhood in a Capsule
  • Alice Chan, Communion
  • Nancy Wu, Big White Duel II
  • Kelly Cheung, Big White Duel II
  • Jeannie Chan, Your Highness
  • Moon Lau, The Beauty of War
  • Elena Kong, Get On A Flat
  • Nina Paw, Get On A Flat
  • Natalie Tong, I’ve Got The Power

None of the above actresses made it into the Top 5 nominations last year with their respective dramas (if any was aired). Rosina Lam claim the award in 2021 with her performance in Battle of the Seven Sisters which was also the Best Drama in 2021.

From the list above, I would love to see Nancy Wu back on the stage for her role in Big White Duel II as a doctor. She was awarded the Best Actress in 2015 as well as 2016 for her role in Ghost of Relativity and A Fist Within Four Walls.

Most Popular TV Character – Male

  • Matthew Ho, Used Good
  • Owen Cheung, Childhood in a Capsule
  • Kenneth Ma, Big White Duel II
  • Kalok Chow, Your Highness
  • Brian Chu, Your Highness
  • Tony Hung, Ghost Cleansing Ltd
  • Andrew Lam , Get On A Flat
  • Ruco Chan, I’ve Got The Power
  • Joel Chan, I’ve Got The Power
  • Benjamin Yuen, Forensic Heroes V

Will Kenneth Ma continue his strike for this category as a doctor this year? Audience are pretty convince that he is a doctor and really love him as a doctor on screen. Claiming this category award last year with his role in Kids’ Lives Matter and back in 2012 with his role in On Call 36 Hours. Entered this list with his role in Big White Duel II which is the same character that made him the Best Actor back in 2019.

Apart from Kenneth Ma, I am here rooting for Matthew Ho in Used Good as well as Owen Cheung in Childhood in a Capsule.

Most Popular TV Character – Female

  • Amy Fan, Come Home Love
  • Erica Chan, Hello Missfortune
  • Katy Kung, Brutally Young 2.0
  • Jeannie Chan, Your Highness
  • Moon Lau, The Beauty of War
  • Angel Chiang, The Beauty of War
  • Nina Paw, Get On A Flat
  • Elena Kong, Get On A Flat
  • Rosita Kwok, Get On A Flat
  • Venus Wong, Forensic Heroes V

Ali Lee took home the Most Popular TV Character for her role in Beauty and the Boss last year. Katy Kung was awarded the Most Popular TV Character in 2020 for her role in Hong Kong Love Stories, a very relatable role that hits many Hong Kongers. With 3 nominees coming from Get On A Flat, a similar genre drama, they might have a bigger chance this year.

Best Supporting Actor

  • Mark Ma, Hello Missfortune
  • Sunny Dai Yiu Ming, Freedom Memories
  • Timothy Cheng, Barrack O’Karma 1968
  • Ricco Ng, Communion
  • Jonathan Cheung, Your Highness
  • Li Shing Cheong, Ghost Cleansing Ltd
  • Bob, Beauty of War
  • Eric Tang Chi Kin, Get on a Flat
  • Lam King Ching, Get on a Flat
  • Alex Lam, I’ve Got the Power

Last year, Brian Chu look the Best Supporting Actor title for his role in Take Two. Everyone in this list will not be foreign to those who have been watching TVB dramas for years. They might be involved in small roles but they got to shine and proven with the nominations.

Best Supporting Actress

  • Amy Fan, Come Home Love
  • Mayanna Mak, Hello Missfortune
  • Elanie Yiu, The Righteous Fists
  • Candice Chu, Barrack O’Karma 1968
  • Winkie Lai, Strangers Anniversary
  • Lenna Yeung, Childhood in a Capsule
  • Angel Chiang, Beauty of War
  • Rosita Kwok, Get On A Flat
  • Yuki Law, Get On A Flat
  • Tiffany Lau, I’ve Got the Power

Last year, the winner that brought home this award caused a buzz. Yoyo Chen won this award, her first professional award after entering into the industry since 2004.

If we are comparing the roles in the list, Elaine Yiu in The Righteous Fists as well as Angel Chiang in The Beauty of War did a brilliant job. Lenna Yeung in Childhood in a Capsule really left an impression as well with her role as the timid 2nd sister.

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