Watch GOT7’s Jackson on Chinese version Running Man episode 6

Keep Running Season 8 Episode 6 with GOT7's Jackson

On the eighth season of China’s version Running Man aka Keep Running 奔跑吧第八季, we have GOT7’s Jackson Wang on board as a guest in episode 6. Along with Jackson, we have Nie Yuan, Li Qin and Elvis Han as guest.

Members From Keep Running Season 8 Episode 6
Members from Keep Running Season 8, episode 6.

While I’ve been watching since the first episode, this season consist of 3 OG members including Li Chen, Angelababy and Ryan Zheng Kai joined by new members Cai Xu Kun, Guo Qi Lin and Sha Yi. (NCT’s Lucas and G(I)-DLE’s Song Yu Qi are still included as fixed members)

Truth, trust

The members are split into two teams following their instincts on who is speaking the truth. Sha Yi framed for hitting Li Chen or is Li Chen framed?

Love the mission where the members open lock and speed run to clock points for the team. It is really exciting and scary at the same time.

Got7 039 S Jackson Wang Shared The Image On His Weibo On Keep Running Season 8
GOT7’s Jackson Wang shared the image on his Weibo on Keep Running Season 8.

Check out the episode here

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