Wild ageyo Jinyoung appear on Running Man

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Recently GOT7 did a comeback with an EP Call My Name, title track You Calling My Name (YCMN). Slowly after, an announcement was made that Jinyoung was cast in an episode of Running Man for SBS ghost stories and myths.

Jinyoung will be appearing at the second half of episode 477 and continue the main game in episode 478. This is his fourth appearance on Running Man, however, this is the first time participating in the full episode.

Ever since GOT7 made an appearance back in late 2018 for Lullaby promotions, Jun So Mi lay her eyes on Jinyoung after seeing him personally. On a few occasions during Running Man, she mentioned that she wants to be an on a date with Jinyoung.

Wild Ageyo Jinyoung Appear On Running Man

Here it goes

Solo short dance to YCMY and made witty 3-word poem with So Mi’s name.

Small action

The tiny ageyo that Jinyoung did to So Mi right after the troll comment from 1:54 onwards. (If anyone notices it!)

Charades time!

Dancing to SNSD’s Into a new world and turn into communicating like dirty dance. The editing is funny!

Jinyoung Got7 GIF

When he is confused during the game


When matchmaker Jinyoung appears!

Really happy to see more of him on variety shows and hope to see more. Hopefully a new drama in 2020?


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