Winners of Star Awards 2019 – 红星大奖25

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Native title: 红星大奖25

It is always a night to remember as this is probably the annual biggest event for local celebrities. Here’s the 3 moments that I love the most, and some move me to tears (literally!).

One of the biggest winner of the night will be A Million Dollar Dream. Even though they did not walk home with the Best Drama, but they won a total of 3 acting awards for the casts. Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

I tried watching this drama but dropped off after 3 episodes. Reason, it is too similar to the reality of Singapore that we are already facing on a daily basis. So the story did not entice me to watch on, I rather watch something that brings me to another perspective. But that’s my personal option and preference.

This is not the full list, since I did not add in the variety show component which I did not really catch up on.

Best Drama

Image result for 祖先保佑2

Blessings 2 祖先保佑2
A Million Dollar Dream 给我一百万
Say Cheese 西瓜甜不甜
VIC 维多利亚的模力 (full review)
You Can Be An Angel 3 你也可以是天使3 (full review)

Honestly, I do prefer the other two drama, VIC 维多利亚的模力 and You Can Be An Angel 3 as compared to Blessings 2. Reason might be that I do like the first season of Blessing compared to Blessing 2.

Best Short-Form Drama Serial

Love At Cavenagh Bridge 加文纳桥的约定
Die Die Also Must Serve 战备好兄弟
Doppelganger – The Prequel 入侵者前传
Love Across the Causeway 对面的女孩
Till We Meet Again – Prequel 千年来说对不起之前传

Kudos to this short form drama! Not many inputs from me since I only catch up on the winning drama amongst the 5 nominations.

Catch some highlights of the winning drama here.

Best Actor and Best Actress winners Chen Hanwei and Zoe Tay.
Best Actor and Actress. Source (1)

Best Actor

Chen Hanwei – A Million Dollar Dream 
Christopher Lee – Doppelganger
Desmond Tan – You Can Be An Angel 3
Qi Yuwu – Mind Matters
Shaun Chen – Blessings 2

Chen Hanwei broke the record for the number of Best Actor wins with his sixth one for A Million Dollar Dream in the Star Awards history.

Best Actress

Zoe Tay – A Million Dollar Dream 
Carrie Wong – VIC 维多利亚的模力
Fann Wong – Doppelganger
Joanne Peh – Say Cheese
Rebecca Lim – Blessings 2

Best Supporting Actor

Chen Shucheng – A Million Dollar Dream 
Andie Chen – My Agent is a Hero
Ian Fang – Till We Meet Again
Shane Pow – Mind Matters
Xu Bin – Doppelganger

Best Supporting Actress

Lin Mei Jiao – Fifty and Fabulous 
Aileen Tan – You Can Be An Angel 3
Cynthia Koh – Say Cheese
He Ying Ying – A Million Dollar Dream
Sheila Sim – Eat Already? 4

Best Theme Song

Kelvin Tan – You Can Be An Angel 3《守护你的善良》
Lin Yuting and Wu Jia Ming  – Blessings 2《月华》
Boon Hui Lu – Mind Matters《给我一个》
The Freshman – Reach for the Skies《和你交换你的不安》
Ling Kai – VIC 维多利亚的模力《Watch Me》

Best Newcomer

Image result for Jasmine Sim star awards

Jasmine Sim  – Doppelganger 
Angel Lim – Dream Walker
Joel Choo – A Million Dollar Dream
Kayly Loh – Dream Walker
Michelle Wong – Blessings 2

Notice her in another small supporting role when she first started but her role in VIC 维多利亚的模力 made me pay more attention to her. Did not watch Doppelganger but glad that she is recognized as the Best Newcomer.

Hope to see more of the model turn actress performance in the future.

All-Time Favourite Artiste

Kym Ng, finally her turn to be the All-Time Favourite Artiste.

Fun fact, I did not know that she debut as a singer back in 1992 until this awards show. But it is a known fact for others (like my mom).

Special Achievement Award

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing
Source (1)

Chew Chor Meng, this is the moment that I love the most. Such an inspiration.

Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes

Some of the Top 10 Male Artiste winners pose for pictures after the show: (back row, from left) Romeo Tan, Zhu Houren, Chen Shucheng, Zheng Geping, Dasmond Koh, (front row, from left) Desmond Tan, Pierre Png, Shaun Chen and Dennis Chew.
Missing Pornsak. Source (1)
  • Dasmond Koh
  • Dennis Chew
  • Desmond Tan
  • Romeo Tan
  • Pierre Png
  • Pornsak
  • Zheng Geping
  • Shaun Chen
  • Chen Shucheng
  • Zhu Houren

Which means, Dasmond Koh will be receiving his All-Time Favourite Artist award in Star Awards 2020. Cheers~!

If both Dennis Chew and Zheng Geping wins their 10th Top 10 Most Popular award next year, they will be entering the All-time Favourite Artist club. 2 more for Pornsak!

Newbies to the award but old-timers in the industry, really surprised yet happy for Chen Shucheng and Zhu Houren who brings home their first Top 10 in their entire career in Mediacorp.

Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes

Image result for Jasmine Sim star awards
Missing Lina Ng. Source (1)
  • Paige Chua
  • Carrie Wong
  • Ya Hui
  • Jesseca Liu
  • Pan Lingling
  • Hong Huifang
  • Chen Xiuhuan
  • Rebecca Lim
  • Felicia Chin
  • Lina Ng

We are seeing a trend of old-timers bringing home their first Top 10 after being in the industry for quite a number of years (decades even). Really touching to see them being recognised by the public.

First for Hong Huifang and the second one for Lina Ng as well as Chen Xiuhuan. For Lina and Xiuhuan, their first Top 10 is actually Top 5 that they received more than a decade ago.


Able to listen “live’ to one of the Taiwanese Singer that I like. Really love this song after he sang it on stage.

No wonder nowadays people love to sing this in the karaoke sessions.

Looking forward to the next show!

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