Youth With You 3 Initial Appraisal Class Ranking

Youth With You 3 - First Appraisal ranking

The first round of ranking appraisal is done at the end of episode 3 and 119 trainees are sort into different classes. In the 3rd season, they removed Class D and F and replaced them with Class N. “N” for newbie, a class for trainees that are still new and requires more training.

Class A

We have 8 trainees who landed in the prestigious Class A, including Tony Yu Jing Tian, Wei Hongyu, Liang Sen, Liu Jun, Xu Zi Wei, Kachine, X Duan Xing Xing, and Luo Yi Zhou.

iQiyi compile a video of all the performance from the trainees sort in Class A here.

Class B

Class B we have 23 trainees including Chase Lee, Sun Yihang, G.G Zhang Si Yuan, Ikelili, and more.

Class C

Class C is a class where the mentors feel like the trainee just pass. The biggest class among all four of them. But any of them have the potential to go even higher.

Class N

The newbie class consist of 40 trainees. Many potentials here including Jojo Tang Jiu Zhou,

New episodes out every Thursday and Saturday. International fans are able to vote up to 9 trainees every day.

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