Youth With You 3 – Second ranking announcement

We are down with Top 35 trainees on the ongoing Chinese idol trainee survival program, Youth With You 3 from the initial 119 trainees. There are definitely quite many drastic changes from the 1st official ranking but if you have been following with Week 5, some are predictable.

Youth With You 3 – Top 60 Trainees

Native title: 青春有你3
Original network: iQiyi
No. of episodes: 24

Without further ado, here’s our Top 35 trainees that will proceed with the next stage for 5 original songs.

YWY3 2nd Official Ranking
  1. Tony Yu Jing Tian [余景天] – Class A
  2. Luo Yizhou [罗一舟] – Class A
  3. Sun Yihang [孙亦航] – Class A 
  4. Lian Huaiwei [连淮伟] – Class A 
  5. JOJO Tang Jiu Zhou [唐九洲] – Class N
  6. Kachine Sun Yinghao [孙滢皓] – Class A
  7. X Duan Xing Xing [段星星] – Class A
  8. Liang Sen [梁森] – Class B
  9. Jun Liu [刘隽] – Class A 
  10. Waston Chang Huasen [常华森 ]- Class N
  11. Rimiko Li Junhao [李俊濠] – Class B
  12. Kingston Yixuan [亿轩] – Class C
  13. Neil Liu Guan you [刘冠佑] – Class A
  14. Nemo Xu Xinci [徐新驰] – Class C 
  15. Chase Lee Shiqi [十七] – Class C 
  16. He Derui [何德瑞] – Class C
  17. Xu Ziwei [徐子未] – Class C
  18. G.G Zhang Siyuan [张思源] – Class C 
  19. Jiang Jingzuo [姜京佐] – Class A 
  20. Crayon Cheng Yugeng [陈誉庚] – Class B
  21. Zi Yu [梓渝] – Class C
  22. Yuta [桥本裕太] – Class B 
  23. Jeremy Deng Zheming [邓泽鸣] – Class B
  24. Kin Li Qin [李钦] – Class N
  25. Krystian Wang Nanjun [王南钧] – Class B
  26. Jacky Du Tianyu [杜天宇] – Class C
  27. Zheng Xingyuan [郑星源] – Class B 
  28. Yang Haoming [杨昊铭] – Class B 
  29. Jerome. D Deng Xiaoci [邓孝慈] – Class N 
  30. Wang Jiachen [汪佳辰] – Class C
  31. Liam Yanxi [彦希] – Class C 
  32. Drrchen Chen Junhao [陈俊豪] – Class C
  33. BoggieFish Caoyu [草鱼] – Class B
  34. Alan [黄鸿明] – Class N 
  35. Chuk Qiu Danfeng [邱丹枫] – Class C

Before I end this post, here are some trainees that I hope they will not stop pursuing their dream. I know it’s hard, but you will shine someday with hard work and talent.

  • Ailizati 艾力扎提,
  • Vic Wei Xingcheng 魏星丞,
  • Otter 崔云峰,
  • Jaydon (Chen Jun Yu) 陈俊宇,
  • Wei Hongyu 魏宏宇.

iQiyi have changed the voting right from 9 trainees per day to 2 trainees only. (tough man) Starting from 10 April 2021, 8 PM the voting window is back.

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