Youth With You trainees perform with their mentors for the special stage

Jolin collaboration stage with trainees on Youth With You - ugly beauty

Youth With You 青春有你 is an idol survival program for 109 dreamers working towards one goal, to debut under the 9 members boy group at the end of the 4 months program. Similar to South Korea’s Produce 101 series.

Previously I’ve shared the trainees’ first mission which is the theme song performance. Throughout the series, I do have my bias and favorite performance which will cover later on.

What really caught my attention and is the main difference between South Korea and China’s version will be the collaboration special stages with the mentors/ instructors. Since all the trainers are idols/singers/rappers, they are naturally comfortable performing on stage.

Jolin Tsai – UGLY BEAUTY [怪美的]

My favorite stage among all since my ultimate bias Jia Yi is in this group and most of my bias (Guan Yue, Wen Han) as well. And WOAH, the performance has a WOW factor.

Seventeen’s The8 – Highlight

MC Jin – Debut

After Journey – She Answered [通过验证]

Li Rong Hao – Quarrelsome Lovers [王牌冤家]

Lay Zhang Yi Xin – Give Me A Chance [爱到这]

One of my bias challenge Lay’s song as well and it is impressive, good job Ming Ming!

Which performances is your favorite?

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