ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Ji Woong is getting his own Web Variety Show

Zb1 Kim Ji Woong

Our oldest – Kim Ji Woong from ZEROBASEONE is getting his own variety show hosted on YouTube starting 30 August 2023.

Boy Detective Kim Ji Woong is the series’ name and the theme of the show is to be a curious cat to investigate things like recent trends, and other trivial findings.

The production team behind the show are the brains and minds behind LE SEERAFIM’s Sakura’s Fearless Kkura. Hosted on Studio Horak Horak’s channel where you can find Choi Yena’s Animal Detective series as well.

Fans (Zerose and ahgase) spotted Ji Woong and GOT7’s Bambam together and seems like filming something which went viral on 8 August. So if the assumption is spot on, Bambam should be the first guest on the show.

Check out the interview with Ji Woong as the teaser of the series.

Boy Detective Kim Ji Woong is set to premiere on 30 August 2023 at 6 PM (KST). It will consist of 12 episodes in total and released every Wednesday.

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