Zerobaseone met GOT7’s Youngjae on Best Friend Radio Show

Zb1 X Got7 Youngjae

On 20 July 2023, ZEROBASEONE went to MBC’s Radio Show, GOT7’s Youngjae Best Friend to promote their debut and 1st mini album. It is ZB1’s 2nd radio show but the 1st Live Radio show.

They started off by singing In Bloom Live. Followed by questions and answers from the listeners. Here are the highlights of the radio show.

Successful Ahgase

Image 52

This is definitely a highlight for the radio show. Ever since I saw Hao’s profile on Boys Planet written GOT7 as his idol, he mentioned it again in a magazine interview. I’m looking forward to him meeting his idol in real life.

Especially because I’m both an ahgase and zerose.

Hao start to like GOT7 during his High School days after friends show him their stage. His bias is Park Jin Young because he finds him really charismatic and has a strong stage presence. But of course, he likes everyone.

Hao And Youngjae 20072023
Hao And His Precious Signed Album From Got7 039 S Youngjae
Hao’s expression just shows how much he loves GOT7. How precious the signed album was to him.

With the members

Bonus Challenge

Updated on the official Twitter account the next day. The producers let the members choose the poses they want to do and the combination themselves.

Haobin-ist are definitely going crazy seeing Hanbin and Hao doing the Nick and Judy challenge.

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