ZEROBASEONE went to Day6 Young K’s Radio Show

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On 26 July 2023, ZEROBASEONE who are in the midst of promoting their debut album went to Day6’s Young K’s radio show at KBS. KBS Cool FM <데이식스의 키스 더 라디오>.

Lets Show Them What We Got Zerobaseone
Let’s Show Them What We Got! ZEROBASEONE

In Bloom Live

It’s pretty obvious that Haobin (Han Bin and Zhang Hao) are facing issues with their microphones. The boys are unable to hear their own voice that was projected from the microphones to their headset.

However, they still delivered a perfect live here.

To watch the full show.


Hao sang his solo song Always.

Matthew speaking in french for French Zerose.

Tae Rae sang Day 6’s You Were Beautiful live with Young K. And Young K praise his vocals.

Tae Rae Singing With Young K

Question: Which member will you take to a deserted island?

Hao chose Jiwoong. The reason is he can cook well.
Jiwoong chose Hao as well.

Hanbin chose Tae Rae. Mentioned that he is on the emotional side. With Tae Rae around, perhaps they can sing together.

Tae Rae chose Gyu Vin. The reason is that Gyu Vin will cheer him up and he doesn’t think he will get bored.

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