Zhang Hao and Park Han Bin ace all the missions on Boys Planet

Boys Planet Top Winners Zhang Hao And Park Han Bin

For those who are following Boys Planet since February, it has been a good 2 months of following the show and supporting the boys who have been working so hard since the winter of 2022.

3 missions, 98 trainees, 2 rounds of evaluation ranking

Two trainees really stood out and shine together with their teams and individually on stage. We need them to debut together! Without further ado, let me introduce them and their ‘report card’.

Park Han Bin

Park Han Bin Boys Planet

1st Mission – 253 votes, K Group’s Hot Sauce – WON
2nd Mission – 757 votes, LAW – WON
3rd Mission – 741 votes, Switch (Killing Part)

Park Han Bin proved that he is a good leader since 1st mission while leading K Group’s Hot Sauce team, and his leadership style is really admirable.

Among all his stages, my favorite will be Switch. Check out his focus cam here

Zhang Hao

Zhang Hao Boys Planet

1st Mission – 197 votes, G Group’s Kill This Love – WON
2nd Mission – 849 votes, TOMBOY – WON
3rd Mission – 852 votes, Over Me (Killing Part) – WON

Another good leader, eye-catching performer, and our G Group’s center. Might be a little biased here, but I really enjoy watching all of his stages and even focus cams.

Since Over Me is the only song that he took the killing part in, so let’s enjoy the focus cam here.

The debut night is set to be on 20 April 2023 at 8:50 PM (KST), less than 10 days away.

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