Who Rules The World

Adapted from a novel by Qing Ling Yue. The martial arts drama is based on two unrivaled heroes, Hei Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi. Hei Feng Xi is handsome, smart, and elegant. Bai Feng Xi is an unrestrained and capable young woman.

No. of episodes: 40
Genre: Historical, Action, Romance
Native title: 且试天下
Original network: Tencent Video

Premiere: 18 Apr 2022

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.



Rosy Zhao Lusi

Rosy Zhao Lusi

Bei Feng Xi, Feng Xi Yun

Yang Yang

Hei Feng Xi, Feng Lan Xi

Xuan Lu

Feng Qi Wu

Zhang Hao Wei

Yu Wu Yuan

Leon Lai Yi

Huang Chao

Huang Yi

Zhong Li

Liu Rui Lin

Feng Ju

An Yue Xi

Hua Chun Ran

Zhang Tian Yang

Feng Chang

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