First Impression: Romance is a Bonus Book

Genre: Romance, alittle Comedy elements

This is interesting to me, understanding the views and world of a publisher. Since I’ve kick start the habit of reading this year, I do notice more authors and their work etc.

After watching 6-7 episodes, here are some of my impression of this drama by tVN!

Brother from another mother

The strong relationship between the lead actors is very different from the other kind of drama. They started off with the male lead persuading the female lead to proceed back to her wedding.

The skinship that they have is similar to what couples do, but to them (at least Kang Dain) it is holding hands with her younger brother etc.


The drama started by showing the struggles women face after a broken marriage and how hard they have to strive to get back into the society.

1. Housewife is not consider an occupation to include in your resume. It is a 24/7 working with no MC, no leave and no bonus.

2. It is already hard to land yourself a full time role in South Korea, therefore, youngsters in their 20s will feel unfair that they are facing higher competition.

Will this pair make it together?

I wish they will end up together! It is one of the drama that I like the 2nd leads and wish they are a couple instead.

Visually, they are my bias in this drama.

Cutest Group of Higher management

Can I say, this is the cutest combination of higher management a company have.

They are made up of very different individuals which contributes to the company they found and work hard for together. They are like friends and co-workers.

Quotes at the end of each episodes

Image may contain: 2 people, people eating, meme, child and text

And this… wait for it~!

Did not expect this to happen, idol just draw out a cigarette causally in a few scenes already.

Really excited to continue the drama to see if there are any twist to it.

And since it is on Netflix, it is way easier for everyone!

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