TVB release more still cuts with Moses Chan, Ali Lee and more for Death by Zero

The upcoming 30 episodes action comedy Death by Zero 殺手 was filmed back during summer of 2018. The drama is about the world of assassins, Overbeck and the types of assassins available in the market that commoners can hire.

Selena Lee confirm for ‘Barrack O’Karma’ Season 2

The horror romance drama Barrack O’Karma is well love by viewers and wanted a second season. Even though Selena Lee’s contract with TVB has ended, she spread good news through her Instagram that she will be back for the season two. The second season will commence it filming in August 2020. Source (1)

Linda Chung will be back for TVB drama ‘Children Hospital’ and more in talks

After missing Linda Chung in the TVB drama scene for a period of time after she’s married, the only glimpse is through a cameo Another Era in 2018. Children Hospital (literal translation) 兒童醫院 is a modern medical drama. The list of casts that are still in talks with are Kevin Cheng, Kenneth Ma, Ali Lee,Continue reading “Linda Chung will be back for TVB drama ‘Children Hospital’ and more in talks”

Upcoming TVB drama Al Cappuccino finally premiering in August 2020

The upcoming 25 episodes action comedy Al Cappuccino 反黑路人甲 is finally slot into the 2020 TVB drama line up. The drama is about the struggling actor Keung Sai Lung (Vincent Wong) based in Ohio returned to Hong Kong thinking that the acting career will be better, but he was wrapped into a case which heContinue reading “Upcoming TVB drama Al Cappuccino finally premiering in August 2020”

TVB drama ‘Detective Investigation Diaries’ commence filming soon

Another TVB drama Detective Investigation Diaries (literal translation) 刑偵日記 announce it filming as the cast gathers together for the blessing ceremony. The upcoming drama is a collaboration between TVB and Youku with another American company Imagine Entertainment. The romance thriller investigation drama has really big cast from the A-list with Kara Wei, Vincent Wong, PhilipContinue reading “TVB drama ‘Detective Investigation Diaries’ commence filming soon”

Emotional wedding of Bella and Ross on ‘The Exorcist Meter 2.0’

Woah… what an emotional touch to the drama that is beautiful yet sad at the same time. SPOILER On episode 17 of The Exorcist Meter 2.0 降魔的2.0, Bella aka Bei Bei (Moon Lau) decide to check off her list before moving on in afterlife. Bei Bei died in the first season and appear as aContinue reading “Emotional wedding of Bella and Ross on ‘The Exorcist Meter 2.0’”