Main casts share thoughts on the webtoon of True Beauty

True Beauty Webtoon vs Drama

Many might know that the romantic comedy drama, True Beauty is adapted by the ongoing popular webtoon of the same name and have read or still reading the webtoon. Webtoon sat down with Cha Eun Woo, Moon Ga Young, and Hwang In Yeob to ask them about their thoughts of the webtoon vs the drama and what they are excited to film.

The makeup goddess Im Joo Kyung is played by Moon Ga Young. The handsome smart cool guy Lee Su Ho is played by Astro’s Cha Eun Woo and the bad boy hot guy Han Seo Jun is played by Hwang In Yeob.

The first question was What scene stood out to you the most in the WEBTOON series.

Ga Young replied, the handsome faces of Su Ho and Seo Jun as they were drawn so handsomely. Eun Woo selected the moment that they (Su Ho and Joo Kyung) found out they share a common hobby in the comic shop. (Which will be found in the first few episodes of the drama). In Yeob chose the scene when Seo Jun told Joo Kyung that he doesn’t want to be in the friend zone anymore, and look at him as a man instead.

Next question is How will you describe your character?

Ga Young says Im Joo Kyung is a puppy-like person. Eun Woo says Su Ho is a cool guy. In Yeob says Seo Jun is a lovely guy.

For those who are reading and following closely with the webtoon will know that currently Joo Kyung is happily dating Seo Jun and Su Ho just returned to the country after disappearing for 3 years. Su Ho still love Joo Kyung but now it is unlike high school day. WEBTOON version readers will want to find out what will happen in the 16 episodes drama version.

Check out the interview here.

The drama is currently ongoing and new episodes will be out every Wednesday and Thursday. For those who are waiting for the English subtitles, it will be out on Thursday and Friday.

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