Review: Do You Like Brahms?

HERO-SBS's upcoming drama, Do You Like Brahams? Poster.

No. of episodes: 16 (32 half version available as well)
Genre: Music, Melodrama, Romance

Native Title: 브람스를 좋아하세요?
Original network: SBS

The drama set in a prestigious music school in Seoul, South Korea where talented individuals gathered for music. Chae Song Ah (Park Eun Bin) is an aspiring violinist that who is not talented but hard working. Accepted into the music school and start college all over again after receiving her degree in Business, seven years older than her peers.

Park Joon Young (Kim Min Jae) is a talented pianist who started since the age of six, every concert of his will have tickets sold out. He is a reserved individual that don’t find joy while playing piano.

Schumann’s Traumerei

Schumann 039 S Traumerei Do You Like Brahms
Schumann’s Traumerei, Do You Like Brahms?

Song Ah chance upon Joon Young in the practice room playing Schumann’s Traumerei, the music brings comfort to her. Traumerei is a special piece of music to Joon Young that reflects his feeling towards Lee Jung Kyung (Park Ji Hyun).

Do you like Brahms?

Johannes Brahms was a German composer and pianist back in the Romantic Period. He was in love with Clara Schumann who marries his best friend and mentor, Robert Schumann.

Joon Young fetching Hyun Ho and Jung Kyung at the airport. Do you like Brahms?
Joon Young fetching Hyun Ho and Jung Kyung at the airport. Do you like Brahms?

Joon Young never play any pieces by Brahms, he wants to refrain the idea of being resonated with the similar situation he caught in with Jung Kyung and Han Hyun Ho (Kim Sung Chul).

On the other hand, Song Ah is in the similar situation with Joon Young. Song Ah has a one sided crush on her mentor/ best friend Yoon Dong Yoon (Lee Yoo Jin) but one night changed everything between them and Song Ah’s best friend Kang Min Seong (Bae Da Bin).

Let’s be friends

Let 039 S Be Friends Joon Young And Song Ah Do You Like Brahms
Let’s be friends, Joon Young and Song Ah. Do You Like Brahms?

The acquaintance sync so well, able to understand and give comfort while the other one is feeling down. Joon Young is like a milking machine to his father who is addicted to gambling. He is tired of such life yet couldn’t cut it off. Joon Young is regarded as a celebrity in the music industry but he felt lonely and alone until he met Song Ah.

Do You Like Brahms First Kiss

The gap between them close up quickly and their hearts move on from the unrequited love. Meanwhile, Jung Kyung broke up with Hyun Ho and the trio friendship disappear in thin air. Jung Kyung feel like her heart is with Joon Young instead of Hyun Ho and went to pursue for it.

Dating life

Do You Like Brahms We Are Dating

No dramatic ups and downs while the couple begin their relationship. HOWEVER. The biggest mistake in a relationship is lack of communication, hoping that your partner will be protected from all the harmful comments and actions and inhale in yourself.

Jung Kyung is getting in their way and because Joon Young does not speak up, Song Ah will never know the number of times he pushed Jung Kyung away.

Struggling Love Do You Like Brahms
Struggling love. Do You Like Brahms?

Song Ah was placed in a spot where fans of Joon Young felt like he deserve better (or even Jung Kyung is the right match), the lack of communication made her wild guess many nights and she got tired from it.

Song Ah call quits and Joon Young just surprised and pain.

Quitting music

Song Ah was asked my numerous people numerous times, is violin the right path for her? She decide to bid her passion goodbye.

After the break up, Joon Young felt like there is nothing else to look forward in life. Since he did not enjoy playing piano in the first place, he called his manager and told his wish.

Will they call it quits forever? Is that what they really want and feel happy about it?

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