Taxi Driver 2

The Rainbow Taxi is back in service! Five members of the Rainbow Taxi is back in business after parting ways for 2 years.

Finding meaningful purpose to seek revenge on behalf of victims who are unable to seek justice through law.

Prequel: Taxi Driver

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Native title: 모범택시
Original network: SBS, VIU

Premiere: 17 Feb 2023



Lee Je Hoon

Kim Do Gi

Pyo Ye Jin

Pyo Ye Jin

Ahn Go Eun

Kim Eui Sang

Kim Eui Sang

Jang Sung Chul

Jang Hyuk Jin

Choi Kyung Goo

Bae Yoo Ram

Bae Yoo Ram

Park Jin Eon

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