Shadow of Justice

The drama will be revolving around the definition of justice. The traffic police never miss out on a tiny bit of evidence left at the accident. Finding concrete evidence to throw the criminal behind the bar while a lawyer is trying to find loopholes to defend their client

  • No. of episodes: 32
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Triad, Police
  • Original network: TVB
  • Native title: 伙記辦大事
  • Premiere: 12 April 2021



Bobby Au Yeung

Au Yeung Chung

Joey Meng

Madam Tsui / Tsui Hei Yee

Joe Ma

Archie Dai Zing Kwan

Jeannie Chan

Sheung Siu

Mat Yeung Ming

Chun Wing Hei

Winkie Lai

Wu Mo Lan / Win Jie

Pierre Ngo

Dai Zing Yan

Timothy Cheng

Hung Lik Kuen

Geoffrey Wong

Lo Sir / Lo Hoi Ting